Nov 30, 2010

Getting in the holiday spirit

So. I'm still sick. Feeling puny, feverish, and all-around nasty. Grayson was out of town last night, and as I Tweeted, I was feeling terrible and my boys had the nerve to go around acting all NORMAL. Which for them means high-octane, full-bore, no-holds-barred ENERGY. My condition and their conditions were not at all compatible.

After they went to bed I busied myself watching Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman on Oprah, then catching up on my Reader ... which had amassed a whopping 157 unread posts while I was busy dying.

Buried within were two video gems that I wanted to share with you until I'm fit to write again. The first is from Improv Everywhere, and it's one they reposted from last year.


I love how the Salvation Army dude doesn't understand what's going on, but he's totally willing to go along and enjoy the ride. Then he just goes back to ringin'. What a treat!

The second one was posted on faithful reader and commenter Beckie's blog. I love it because it features Handel's Hallelujah Chorus, which is sooooooooo Christmas to me. I can't count how many times I've performed that song ... between middle school, high school, college and church choirs, well over 100 times. Maybe more than that.

I've performed it in so many places and have so many happy memories of it ... two of the most memorable being on the steps of the U.S. Capitol building in Washington, D.C., and on stage at Carnegie Hall in Manhattan. Oh, and one REALLY memorable time at the lighting of the Christmas tree in downtown Atlanta when one of our strongest tenors called in sick and I had to learn the tenor part in an hour so I could fill in for him. GAH.

I get chills every single time I hear it, whether I'm performing it or just listening to it ... on the radio, on TV, or even watching it being performed by total strangers in a mall's food court. Enjoy, and Merry Christmas!


Sewconsult said...

I hadn't seen the handbell one. I played hand bells in church during high school and college. My wrists can't do it any more! I, too, have sung the Hallelujah Chorus many, many times. Our high school had a tradition that if alumni were in the the audience when it was performed, they were to come to the stage to perform with the choirs. It was almost magical. While watching the video, I kept wanting to tell the non-singers to stand up...which is the tradition from it being performed for royalty. I always sing along! Thanks for spreading the Christmas joy in music.

René said...

Thanks for sharing these videos Katherine. I sure hope you feel better soon and that your hubs comes home.


Grape News said...

Is it strange that I got tears in my eyes over both? Love it!

Sarah T. said...

I've watched both of those 6 times each.

Katherine @ Grass Stains said...

Glad those videos are helping people other than me get into the holiday spirit!

Rene, hoping the meds I got today will help. Thank you!

Grape: teary eyes or chill bumps ... all the same!

SET, me too!

The Stalcup Journey said...

I cry every time i hear this song... it feels like i have been lifted up into heaven and get to hear the singing there. it is amazing!!!

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