Nov 23, 2010

Paige asked, and I'm answering

Paige tagged me in this list of questions about myself, and while she insinuated that anyone who answers questions about themselves on their blog is a narcissist, I'm just gonna go ahead and ignore that accurate assessment. Here we go.

1. What would you do on a perfect day? (No monetary restrictions … just imagine away.)

I would sleep until 11 a.m. Then I would get up and eat a big bowl of Crunchberries and listen to the silence in my house, because I would be the only one home. Next, I would curl up on the couch in my PJs with my laptop and read all of the very interesting, personal e-mails that had come in and open up Google Reader to see what fascinating things all my favorite bloggers had posted for the day. Every single post would be completely entertaining and there would be no giveaway posts to slog through. Hmmm ... I'm LOVING this day so far. For lunch I would eat a peanut butter and banana sandwich and sour cream and onion chips with a REAL COKE while daydreaming about the scrapbook pages I was about to create. And then I'd spend the rest of the afternoon scrapbooking while listening to the Crop playlist on my iPod. When the boys came home from school, they'd all jump into my arms, tell me about their day, and their teachers will all have been so proud of them for their perfect behavior and unparalleled smarts. And then for supper I'd have a dozen Reese's Cups with a huge glass of milk. The End.

2. Have you ever stayed up for 24+ straight hours? Why?

Ohhhhhhhhhhhh yes, my friends. Is there anyone who HASN'T? As a matter of fact, mid-afternoon last Friday during a call at work, a co-worker asked me how I was doing. I answered, "Honestly, this has been a DAY. I feel like I just walked in the door from a church lock-in, and all I want to do is crawl into bed and sleep for two days." So while I had NOT been at a church lock-in the night before, sometimes my life can make me feel like I was. But really ... I've stayed awake for 36 hours before for any number of reasons: church lock-ins in middle and high school, chorus fundraiser walk-a-thons in high school, studying for exams in college, hanging out with Grayson all night on the quad in college, being up all night with toddlers who had the stomach bug and couldn't lift their heads out of their own vomit ... none of it's glamorous, but it all happened.

3. Have you ever laughed so hard your stomach muscles and face hurt? What made you laugh that hard?

Yes, but not nearly often enough. Most recently, I laughed that hard because I was an idiot and didn't understand how the camera in my sister's and my Macbooks worked. (That particular story will be included in the next Slices of Life, don't you worry.) Before that, there was a story my dad told about being in the ROTC at the University of South Carolina and being misdirected by the leader to basically march right into the band. I guess you had to be there, but I laughed so hard that night I peed on myself. Yes. That's right. That's the mother-of-three-kids' litmus test for how funny something is. "Did you pee yourself or not?"

4. What is the earliest time in your life you can remember?

I have no idea what my earliest memory is. I don't remember my first dog, Shelley, an Irish Setter who was hit by a car when I was 2 or 3 years old. So probably when I was 4? We lived in Southport, N.C., and I remember making mudpies with my sister in the driveway, learning to ride a bike, fishing off the pier, and enjoying fried shrimp just for the fried part. The batter, as it were.

5. Two parts of you are dueling. What parts? Who wins?

The only arguments I have with myself are about food. I always want food that's bad for me, always. Al. Ways. When I'm counting Points or otherwise watching my weight, the good angel wins out 90 percent of the time. When I'm not, the little devil wins by the same percentage. So while I can't do the math, I CAN tell you that I weigh more than I want to right now, but I also ate a whole bunch of chips and cheese dip today at lunch. DEVIL.

6. Do you give inanimate objects names? Anything specific?

Not that I can think of. I always wanted to name my car for some reason, but what do you name a silverish-green minivan? Betsy? Phyllis? I'm pretty settled with "the van," I guess. No name ever caught on with my navy blue Explorer, either. I guess I used up all the good names on my kids.

7. How restricted do you feel when blogging because you don’t want to upset someone (a specific person or group of people)? Do you really comb your posts for things that will offend or do you let it all hang out?

Well, I AM pretty restrictive with what I blog about. If I had no restrictions, I'd have content for YEARS without ever talking about the same thing twice. There's so much floating around in this head, it could explode at any moment. I'm sure you all feel like I have no filter, but there ARE things I don't blog about. Many of them. My marriage, typically, is off limits. We have a pretty good one, but part of the reason is probably that I don't blog about it. My extended family's and Grayson's extended family's foibles are pretty much off the table, too. GOLDMINE, but they will remain unexplored here. No blogging about work, either. I'd get fired.

It's not too hard not to write about those things, though, because I've been doing it for so long that I never even have to think about it. I hope everyone has SOME limits, because otherwise I think you're bound to have a relationship crash and burn at some point.

8. What do you like to read about most on other people’s blogs?

I love to read about people's everyday lives, and if you have good taste, I like to read about the way you decorate your home. I'm very, very interested in The Little Things, and I'm not at all interested in reading about politics or religion ... nor am I interested in writing about them. I love reading humorous recaps of TV shows I love, and I'm all ears when someone has an unpaid recommendation for a great toy or book to share.

That was fun! And now I'm tagging:

Other Rachel


paige said...

Why am I surprised that you don't name things? I thought you'd have some little gem of a thing that you've named.

Also, that devil is always whispering sweet nothings in my ear. Hence the sticky toffee pudding I ate for dessert last night. And chocolate and honeycomb ice cream bar I had after that.

AJ said...

I love Southport! I've lived there twice. Would love to take the family there for a vaccation.

Rachel said...

Very fun!

I've often thought it'd be fun to have an anonymous blog... something called "" or something. Then everyone could post on it, get it all off their chest, and feel better at the end of the day. :)

Katherine @ Grass Stains said...

Paige, yeah, I've TRIED naming things, but nothing ever stuck. Perhaps I'm too lazy to add more names to my life. I hardly call my kids the right name most of the time.

AJ, I loved Southport, too! Beautiful town. I'd love to take my family there one day, too.

Rachel, I'm with you 100%!

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