Nov 1, 2010

The Halloween round-up

We've gone four Halloweens in a row now in Star Wars regalia. This year was no exception. We had Jango Fett:

Nathaniel chose this costume out of a catalog full of options, and thank goodness my parents always offer to buy their Halloween costumes as a gift to the boys. This one, which probably cost all of $4 to make, was a ridiculous $60 -- which didn't include the $13 blaster (gun).

It was enough to make me want to buy a white twin-size sheet and a black Sharpie for drawing eyes and say, "Here. BE A GHOST." But thank goodness for grandparents who are here to save the day. We had a very happy Jango Fett on our hands last night.

And Nathaniel wasn't the only one representin' Star Wars. Cad Bane was also in the house. Never heard of him? Me neither. And I couldn't be bothered to Google him, so all I can tell you is that he's another Star Wars character. And that he has a blue face and red eyes, which creeped me out to the max.

Would you like to know what is more ridiculous than a $60 Jango Fett costume that doesn't come with the blaster? Answer: A $60 Cad Bane costume THAT DOESN'T COME WITH PANTS. Oh, yes, Internet, you heard me correctly. NO PANTS. You must add jeans to this costume.

Do you know what ELSE you must add to this costume? A holster and two blasters for $32.99. I am not even lying. I wish I was. Would you care to know how long this mask made it on the streets before it made him sweat and he swore it off forever? Six minutes.

Okay; I'm going to attempt to bring it down a notch now. That should be made easier by the introduction to SuperWhy! Are you familiar with the PBS show of the same name? It's Jakey's favorite.

You may be a little thrown off by the blaster. Yeah, on the PBS SHOW ABOUT READING, the Whyatt character doesn't actually carry a gun. But when you're 2 years old and it's your first year to not dress up as a gun-toting Star Wars character, you just feel like something's missing.

So quite frankly, your best bet is just to pitch a fit about it until one of your brothers gives in and lets you have one of his blasters.

The blaster just coordinates so well with the mask and cape.

Our three masked men, armed to the teeth and ready to report for trick-or-treating duty:



After a long, fun day of bike-riding and baseball, we set out for the neighboring development we've trick-or-treated in for the past three years. As usual, every house was lit from within and so welcoming to the hordes of costumed kids that descended around 5:30.

The weather couldn't have been more perfect for us ... clear, deep-blue skies and a temperature around 60 degrees.

The streetlights lit the way down the streets, and the stars were out in force.

The boys raced up and down driveways and from yard to yard. Jake made conversation with the homeowners:

Jake: "Twick oh tweet!"

Woman: "Oh, aren't you CUTE? Here you go."

Jake: "Whus dat?"

Woman: "A Twix. Do you like chocolate?"

Jake: "Yes. Okay, good."

He REALLY thought he'd hit the jackpot when we got to the cul-de-sac where all the homeowners gather every year at just one of their houses and give out gobs of candy to the kids. The neighbors are all good friends, so instead of sitting on their porches and spending the night separately, they rotate from house to house every year and sit outside in lawn chairs. It's like a receiving line at a wedding, only with candy. JACKPOT!

If you couldn't make out the huge banner in their foyer window, it's for one of the homeowner's sons ... he plays football for Hoover High School, the 6A school for which we're zoned. Several years ago MTV shot a reality show about our football team ... Two-a-Days ... which made mini-celebrities out of several of our players.

Our boys spent most of the night ringing doorbells together, and it was a sweet sight to see.

And now I leave you with my favorite costume of the night: the Christmas tree. I had to ask to take his picture because he just cracked me up. He had two "elves" with him, and when they'd break into song, he'd stand in the middle of the street and spin slowly. CLASSIC.

And you will note: The Christmas tree was not carrying a blaster.


paige said...

They look great! The costumes may be expensive, but they're really good!

Love the tree.

Sarah T. said...

So cute. They look like they had a blast!

Carry Grace said...

I don't know my star wars character AT ALL, but Jakey is an adorable Super Why!

It looks like they all had lots of fun.

Lacy said...


Robin said...

How adorable....well, as adorable as Star Wars characters can be (Super Why is just plain adorable...hands down!). FyI, Cad Bain is from the cartoon Star Wars that's out now....I had to figure that one out too! I tried to get Jameson to dress as BoBa Fet (sp?), but he chose Luke instead! EASIEST costume EVER! However, those couple of pieces of cheap costume cost $40.00 too! (That's without a mask!)

Katherine @ Grass Stains said...

Glad everyone enjoyed seeing the boys. And Robin, yes, SO EXPENSIVE even without masks! I told the boys they wouldn't get costumes with masks again, since every one they've ever had was discarded 10 minutes into the night.

Rachel said...

I can't let my baby see Jakey in his costume. I will have a riot on my hands. Absolutely adorable.

Katherine @ Grass Stains said...

Rachel, let me know if you want me to ship it to you so you can use it next year!

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