Oct 2, 2010

For the love of lists

I always have a number of lists going at any given time. Right now, though, I think I’ve reached a personal best of 10 lists, all jotted carefully on various types and sizes of paper. It’s just a busy time, and this is the only way I know of to keep myself organized and on task. Here’s a glimpse inside my very cluttered head:
  • Nick’s birthday party RSVPs – so I know what quantities of food and drinks to purchase and who to expect later today
  • Groceries – for the weekend in general and food/drinks we need for the party
  • Obstacle course supplies – for the course I’m building in the backyard for the party
  • Party tasks – things I can’t do until the grass is mowed this morning (like build the obstacle course, set up the food table, etc.)
  • Boys’ accomplishments – I keep a running list each month so when it comes time to scrapbook, I have the notes on their development that I need in order to journal
  • To-Dos for work – things I need to do over the weekend because I have GOT to get the jump start on next week that I didn’t have this week
  • Personal To-Dos – like get my oil changed and my tires rotated, write thank-you notes and take some pictures for the upcoming edition of Slices of Life
  • Slices of Life – several Slices that I don’t want to forget but haven’t had the time to type up yet
  • Blog post ideas – another running list that I keep each month to remind me of things I can potentially blog about
  • Scrapbook supplies – for the crop next weekend so that I know what I need to order to be able to finish up the pages I’ll work on
Every day I thank the Lord that he allowed paper and pencils to be invented. Otherwise, there’s absolutely no way our family could function properly!

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paige said...

Amen. I couldn't funtion without lists. Mine are on spreadsheets with the supplemental piece of paper here and there. I only have two - one "to do" list organized by day of the week and one list of everything I eat.

Lists are our friends.

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