Oct 1, 2010

Five reasons I suspect that Jake might be half-Australian (‘Strine’)

  • While raking leaves in the yard: “Gimme duh ryke.”
  • When I ask him who made the craft he brought home from school: “I myke it myseff.”
  • Inquiring about Nick’s upcoming birthday party: “When is Nuck-uh-luss’s pah-tee?"
  • About his now-tattered Super Why! paper plate: "I tyke it tee school!"
  • And when he was sweating from being wrapped up in his blanket all night: “I hawt. Tuhn on duh eck nish-nuh.”
I keep expecting him to break out his best “Crikey!” at any moment.


paige said...

Aaoww, mate. He'll be wrestlin' crocodiles soon!

Lacy said...

That last one threw me... definitely had to read it a few times and sound it out. Air Conditioner? LOL!!! So cute! G'day!

Laura and family said...

You should probably encourage him to say crickey... and video tape it!

Katherine @ Grass Stains said...

Lacy, Ding ding ding! I hoped people would be able to decipher my "Jakey-speak." ;)

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