Aug 8, 2010

Self-sufficiency + a fully stocked pantry = a great toddler snack

Yesterday morning Nicholas and Jake got busy in the kitchen. They brought their haul in to show me, proud as they could be.

Nick: "Mommy, we made TRAIL MIX all by ourselves!"

Jake: "Yep. TAIL MIX. LOOK."

Me: "WOW. What's in it?"

Nick: "Froot Loops, cashews, almonds and peanuts."

Jake: " Fwoot Woops. Ah-muds. Pih-nuts."

Me: "You guys did a great job!"

Jake: "Eat some."


Carry Grace said...

little boys are great!

Sarah T. said...

Jakey got a Star Wars shirt!

Katherine @ Grass Stains said...

Nope, those are PJs. And believe me, HE KNOWS THE DIFFERENCE. He wants a "real" Star Wars T-shirt.

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