Aug 9, 2010

15 things I felt yesterday during our outing to the waterpark

1. Pleasure at arriving early and finding a parking space within 50 feet of the entrance.

2. Sweat trickling down my back after walking 22 of the 50 feet between our minivan and the entrance.

3. Needle-sharp pricks on the baby-soft soles of my feet as they met the rough, textured bottom of the toddler pool.

4. Annoyance when Jake was reluctant to do many of the fun things he did last year WHEN HE WAS 12 MONTHS YOUNGER. (What kind of mother AM I?)

5. Pride when Jake started to venture into some of the big-kid areas.

6. The sting of a freshly scraped ankle when it met the concrete wall by accident as we were floating down the Lazy River. (NOT SO LAZY NOW, IS IT?)

7. Exhilaration as Nathaniel and I shot out of the chute and up a 40-foot vertical slide in the opposite direction.

8. Pain in my lower back as I realized that our float was under-inflated and my vertebrae were taking even more of a beating than was intended by the slide designers.

(That's not me and Nathaniel, but it's what we looked like when we were up there. SO. MUCH. FUN.)

9. Hunger as I realized it was after 1:00 and we hadn't even THOUGHT about lunch yet.

10. Irritation when I looked at what our $54 bought for lunch.

11. Adrenaline as I headed down an enclosed, pitch-black slide behind Nathaniel, into what I had termed in my head as "the toilet bowl," to spin and spin and spin until we dropped through the hole into the pool below.

12. Gratefulness that I was (am) able to have so much fun with my husband and children.

13. Pity for Jake as he started to fade at about hour five.

14. Total-body exhaustion as I realized we had been there for more than five hours.

15. Relief when we reached the minivan and buckled in for the drive home.

Did most of those sound negative? Because the overriding theme of the day was FUN. Love my kids' behavior and their adventurous spirits. Love making the most of this last weekend before school starts. Love life.


Unknown said...

OHHHHHHHHHH that was hysterical and no it didnt sound negative and omg, I didnt go down those things myself! So rock on girl! LOL you did good! The walk from the parking lot was enough to do me in!


Katherine @ Grass Stains said...

So glad you liked it! The walk from the parking lot ended up being the least strenuous part of the day. ;)

RLR said...

Enjoyed this post - because I can totally relate! The one and only time we ever went to the waterpark as a family (and we only had one child at the time), I ended up with a broken tailbone (and was pregnant about 6-8 weeks later - hrm). I think that I'm ready to try a water park again, but only if we go to one as awesome as yours! The "toilet bowl" - hahaha! All of those slides look like FUN!

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