Aug 16, 2010

I liked it. I really, really liked it.

On the way to supper Saturday night, Grayson and I were chatting about the movie we planned to watch later that night. He'd picked up An Education at the library, since we'd both sort of wanted to see it and we'd heard good things about it from friends and family.

Me: "I hope I like it. My prediction is that I'll end up thinking it was a good film, but I wasn't entertained."

Grayson: [grimacing] "That's your problem. You need to be ENTERTAINED so much."

Well. I'm sorry. But if I give up two hours for a movie, I pretty much want to feel like I was entertained, as opposed to, say, feeling like I might as well have spent the afternoon at the slaughterhouse.

As it turned out, I actually really liked it. I liked it better up until * SPOILER ALERT * we found out that the guy was a real d-bag, but it ended up OK, I guess.

My friend Melanie sees every movie that comes out, and afterward she gives me "The Kat Review." This review is based primarily on three things: 1) Does any serious harm come to children in it?  2) Are the good things that happen in it outweighed by the bad things that happen in it?  And 3) Is there any racism in it? In general, if the answer to any of those three things is Yes, she will tell me not to see it. So yesterday when I talked to her:

Me: "Remind me if you told me I should see An Education or not. I can't remember."

Melanie: "I think I told you that you should see it. I think I said that you would like most of it but then something would happen that you really would NOT like, but then in the end enough good things happened that you'd probably be alright with it. That you would like it MUCH better than you liked Slumdog."


See? This is why I have my own personal movie reviewer. She nails it every time.


Sarah T. said...

Yeah, you're weird. I don't think you were always like that.

Rachel said...

Wish I had my own movie reviewer.

Sarah T. said...

I racked my brain throughout the day to come up with a movie I know you like without a "happy ending." You win. All of the movies I came up with that had horrible things happening throughout to their characters all came out happy in the end...E.T., Sixteen Candles, Annie, Shawshank, Pretty Woman,The Fugitive, A Few Good Men, Jerry Maguire, Bridgette Jones' Diary, all of the Disney movies.
You win.
I will never recommend a "Slumdog"-type movie to you, ever again. Even if it wins Best. Picture. I won't.
Because I love you.
That's REAL love.

Sarah T. said...

"Beaches"! You loved that, and it was SAD AS HELL at the end. And, I'm done.

Katherine @ Grass Stains said...

SET, you're so right. Shawshank BARELY makes the cut, but because his ending was great AND the film was so well-done, it's my favorite of all time (tied with Sense and Sensibility). There are just two scenes I have to leave the room for when it's on. And the kids' movies I can't like because the sad outweighs the happiness (for me) are The Fox and the Hound, Old Yeller and The Lion King. Mufasa's death scene and the character Scar in general are just too much for me. And thank you for REALLY loving me. It is appreciated.

Katherine @ Grass Stains said...

Nope, don't like Beaches. I liked the SOUNDTRACK to Beaches, though.

René said...

I loved this movie too and my heart sank when we found out he was a jerk. Her parents were even dumb to push her into his arms. I mean shouldn't they have at least been a little skeptical? Didn't you love the time period costume/decor?

Katherine @ Grass Stains said...

Rene, yes, the parental aspect of the film bothered me a lot. I couldn't believe they basically pushed her into a relationship with him by being as smitten with him as they were. STRANGE.

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