Jul 27, 2010

'I want more Jonah.' And also, a little 'Star Wars' to round out your Tuesday

Jakey loves to read Patrice's blog, and he's finally to the point where he recognizes everyone consistently. He makes me smile when he points everyone out, and last night I was showing him some of the most recent posts and he was enjoying the videos. When they were over he said, "I want more Jonah." So sweet.

For Patrice, who's having a rough time this week, I wanted to show her how much she and her family are loved, even by the smallest member of our family:

As I was uploading that video last night, I found one from last month that I never did anything with, so I thought I'd post it, too. It's proof positive that the universal method of "singing" the Star Wars theme song is to just repeat "DUN, DUN, duh-duh-duh DUHHHH, duh ..." It's not like we taught him how to do it. It must be in his blood. It must also be in his blood to tune out during the part that's unsingable, only to come back in for the big finish.

Oh, yeah. He holds my heart in the palm of his chubby little hand.


Lacy said...

I want more Jake! :) He is so cute! Seriously- if you ever get tired of him, just ship him up here to NC- we'll take him!

brightleigh said...

Great videos Katherine! They should lift Patrice's spirits a little. He is getting so big!

Patrice said...

So very cute. And he did lift my spirits. I love him (and all of you) so much! Thanks for the cute voice and the chubby-handed pointing, little buddy. You do a heart good.

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