Jul 28, 2010

Blended but separate?

While we were in the car the other night, we pulled up behind a minivan sporting a familiar-looking sticker ... but with a twist.

The picture quality is REALLY poor, because I took it with my phone, but hopefully you can tell that there's a mom and dad with a daughter, two sons and two cats to the right, with another son and cat to the left.

THAT'S a first for me. I'm all for representing the blended family, but there's something about this particular thing that just seems weird to me. (I'd say "wrong," but I think that would send a message I'm not trying to send.) I assume it's set up this way because the singular son and cat live in another house, but I guess it just bothers me because it seems to emphasize the separation rather than the "blended" element. If I were the kid on the left, I think it would kind of hurt my feelings.

Or perhaps I'm reading too much into it. I'VE BEEN KNOWN TO DO THAT ON OCCASION.

1 comment:

paige said...

Hmm. Maybe they just made it balance better. That's my beef with those - I want them to be symmetrical and not slope down on just one side. In short, they are OCD. Mystery solved.

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