Jun 5, 2010

Perhaps maybe not exactly the results she was hoping for

Several nights ago, my sister Tweeted that she wanted me to feed Jakey some Pop Rocks to see what he'd do. So of course I was all about it.

Honor happened to have picked some up on her way into town last weekend (what are the odds?), and before they left on Monday, we opened them up and gave them (one or two at first to see how it went) to Jake and Jack. As you'll see when you watch The Most Anti-Climactic First Taste of Pop Rocks in the History of History, the results were less than impressive.

Of course, that COULD be because Honor bought them at The Dollar Tree, where it's possible they were on the shelves for 24 months.

At any rate, get ready, Internet. Here are two toddlers eating (stale) Pop Rocks:


Sarah T. said...

Still hilarious. Thanks!

Sewconsult said...

"Anti-ci-pa-a-tion"! What is funnier is the fact that you are expecting to snap, crackle, pop you kids into hysteria. So funny.
Thanks for my Sat morning giggle!

Sarah T. said...

I've watched this, like, 10 times, just to see Jake's expression of being nonplussed. He's so not impressed. I love it.
He's probably the next Jason Bourne.

Katherine @ Grass Stains said...

Beckie, I know. At one point you hear me say, "Give him like six" or something like that. I was ANXIOUS for there to be some sort of reaction.

SET, you're totally right. The next Jason Bourne. Or better yet, the next Matt Damon.

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