Jun 18, 2010

I'm just sayin'

Today is Friday and I have a few things to say, but nothing cohesive. And instead of going to all the effort to make it SEEM cohesive, I'm totally copping out.  So here we go, down the road to random!

I have to repeatedly explain to my children that no, I will not buy them anything else with a bazillion pieces. For example, that Build-Your-Own City that has "150 PIECES" right there in the item description: NO.

We have this:

And at 128 pieces I still manage to love it, and it is enough. It will have to be enough.

Last night I chopped up a whole watermelon.

Chopping up a watermelon, trying to fling some on the kids' plates as I go, trying to complete the task before Jakey tires of his high chair, trying to keep watermelon juice from splashing my work clothes, trying to fit it all in one big bowl that a lid will still fit on ... That always makes me feel like I'm in the middle of my own Top Chef Quickfire Challenge.

Luckily, since the boys ate roughly their weight in watermelon, what I WOULD have had to split up into two bowls ended up fitting nicely into just one 12-cup bowl. Thank you, piglets who share my house.

JOY OF JOYS, my new waterproof, dishwasher-proof labels arrived yesterday. Don't you just LOVE brightly colored mail? I finally depleted the supply of labels I've had for two years -- since I ordered them for Jake's bottles for daycare -- and I needed more.

With all three boys in daycare this Summer and Nick starting public school this Fall, a large supply of labels is a must. Could they BE any cuter? (No, Chandler Bing, they could not.) (Ohhh, how I miss Friends.)

I also ordered a set in a different style with just our last name on it (in the mini blue good cheer style). I use those for casserole dishes and serving utensils that we take to large functions, as well as to label all of our light sabers. I do not know if I can adequately communicate to you the proportion of tragedy that would exist if we were to lose a light saber at a party or a friend's house. Labels necessary? YES. I've also labeled all of our cameras and the video camera with the last-name labels.

I'm so excited about this weekend and all the fun we plan to have! I'll try to keep ya updated.


Lacy said...

Definitely adding that label website to my favorites... have to remember it when I have kids! Thanks!

Grape News said...

Love that there are dishwasher proof

I knew you were "odeing" (is that a word?) to Chandler before I even read the "oh how I miss Friends" I love, love, love me some Friends (I own every season except the last--Christimas idea)

Sarah T. said...

FYI, the color is either screwed up on your blog or on your pictures. I thought those were carrots. They look super-orange.

But I love your blog, so don't take that as a criticism. Love, Your Adoring (and Adorable) Little Sister

paige said...

KATHERINE. Why did you have to go and make me love those labels? WHY? Now I must have some. For....something. I don't even have kids and my "buy 500...QUICK" gene has started to quiver.

[slightly upset with you face]

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