Jun 17, 2010

Two summer sandwich staples are here!

This week I brought out the Big Sandwich Guns, one that I enjoy myself and one that I thought I'd try for the boys. I started out with the sandwich for the boys, which if I remember correctly I first saw in a Paula Deen kids' cookbook, but since I don't own it I couldn't say for sure.

I started with a really pretty red apple.

I sliced it in half and then got distracted by Jake for a few minutes, and when I came back, it had already started to look not-as-fresh. Still, I forged ahead with the pictures because who says pictures of food you're taking specifically for your blog actually have to look good?

SEE? I'm fearless. Next I scooped out the core and seeds. This apple just keeps looking better and better, no?

Next, I peeled it because this particular sandwich was for Jake, and he can't chew the peel very well. But the older boys would actually PREFER it with the peel.

Whether peeled or not, the next step is to slice it to get pieces similar in shape to bread slices. If you slice too thinly, you'll end up with a hole in the middle (see the slice on the left) instead of a whole slice (like the one on the right).

Hole or not, you go ahead and coat one of the apple slices with peanut butter. I did sort of a thin layer on this one for Jake, but I'd put a little more on for the big boys.

When you lay the corresponding slice on top, it makes a great little PB&A sandwich!

Now Internet, this isn't PW Cooks, so you can't expect too much from me here. I KNOW these PB&As don't look that appetizing, but trust me, they are.

Jakey ate two of them, and I ate one, and it was dee-LISH. It got the official Jakey Stamp of Approval.

Once I got him started on his PB&A, I started my own main course: the Tomato Sandwich. MY SUMMER SANDWICH OF CHOICE. I started with one of the tomatoes our friend Brett brought us last week.

I sliced that baby up and breathed in the scent of a perfectly ripe, farm-fresh tomato. YUM.

It did not immediately start turning brown in my face, which I appreciated on behalf of my worldwide Internet audience.

I lightly coated two pieces of bread with mayo, because Hellmann's Mayonnaise is God's condiment.

Each bread slice got its own slice of tomato perfection.

And then each tomato met its fresh-ground pepper destiny.

And finally, a piece of American cheese topped it all off. And I will tell you right now that this is the ONLY time you will find a piece of American cheese passing my lips. I can't stand it otherwise, but on this sandwich it's my go-to cheese.

And there you have it! My wonderful Summer sandwich.

I'm so glad good tomatoes are back!


Maureen said...

I love fresh summer tomatoes!

As for the PB and A sandwich - your son should be the national spokesperson! Adorable!

paige said...

You're right. Your photos are far superior. And now I want a tomato sandwhich (my favorite, too), followed by pb apples (which I eat, only I dip instead of spread). Very nice.

paige said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
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