Jun 2, 2010

Good things: last Friday night edition

1. A birthday brownie a la mode.

2. A friend who really enjoys the nerdy office supplies you give her for her birthday, including felt-tip pens and paperclips shaped like high-heeled shoes.

3. Becoming friends over the years with women who are friends of a friend ... whom you wouldn't otherwise have met but whom you now love with all your heart!

4. Laughing so hard while playing Catchphrase with said friends that you pee in your pants. (The laughing part is good ... the wet pants, not so much.)

5. Meeting a friend's new baby.

6. Watching people try to keep a straight face while someone is cracking them up.

7. Watching them try harder, and still fail.

8. Laughing because they finally get their act together, but apparently only by taking the stance of a family about to compete in sudden death on Family Feud.


LDHendrix said...

OMG - My dream came true! I made the blog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Katherine @ Grass Stains said...

Not only did you make it, but you made it five times! FIVE TIMES!

Melanie said...

I just read this and started laughing uncontrollably again! :-) I'm so excited that we made the blog, and that you captured all those funny moments!

Even if you called me a nerd. PS: pink high-heeled paper clips are NOT nerdy.

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