May 25, 2010

This is shaping up to be a GREAT birthday week

So yesterday was my birthday, and it was really nice. But I'm MOST excited about the week as a whole, because aside from seeing these sweet faces slathered in Birthday Cupcake Residue last night ...

... I also have so many more things to look forward to and/or celebrate this week:
  1. Lost series finale (already loved)
  2. Dancing with the Stars season finale (I'm on Team Derek/Nicole)
  3. American Idol season finale (I'm on Team Lee)
  4. Glee (the Lady Gaga episode)
  5. A haircut (sorely needed)
  6. Lunch with friends to extend the birthday celebration (always enjoyable)
  7. So You Think You Can Dance season premiere (you simply MUST watch this show I'mtalkingtoyouLisaandSarahEllen)
  8. Sex & the City premiere with friends (it's a tradition!)
  9. Supper with friends to celebrate someone else's birthday (love her!)
  10. A weekend with Honor and her kids (two moms and six kids ... it will be an adventure!)

What a week to enjoy! An embarrassment of entertainment and relationship riches. And SERIOUSLY. So You Think You Can Dance is a gift you can give yourself for free, and it keeps on giving. It is everything I love about reality shows and NOTHING I hate about them. What it is: Inspiring stories, raw talent, encouraging judges, amazing choreography, competitors who support one another, a host who thrives on lifting people's spirits, beauty in motion. What it is NOT: relationship drama, throwing other competitors under the bus, snarky commentary, tabloid fodder.

Get on board! You will thank me later.


Lisa said...

I set my DVR to record SYTYCD every summer and just never get around to watching it. I watched the first season and I know it's good. Maybe this year.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the input about tubes. I would love for Small Fry to know what it feels like NOT to have an ear infection other than when he's on medicine!

Hope you're having a great late-but-feels-like-summer!

The pictures on your blog are great, by the way!

Rachel said...

I love So You Think You Can Dance! Lol. That's the best things about summer tv.

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