May 24, 2010

Taking a deep breath

Here's the thing about our life: I don't feel like we always have enough time to stop and enjoy The Little Things.

So the other night when Nick asked me to stop doing the other 11 things I was trying to do, I did.

He asked me if I would build a city with him. And he added a caveat, because he's no dummy: I also had to protect our ongoing work from Destructo, also known as "Jake."

So we built and we built, and we built some more.

We built some really tall structures, and we built some really low structures.

Nicholas built a museum while I was building my skyscraper.

And he made sure to tell me that he'd added a parking garage to it, which I of course thought was very thorough of him.

He also added lots of helpful signage to help our city-dwellers know which way to go.

I really appreciated him grabbing my hand, asking me to stop and just breathe in the boys that night.

Because in just a couple of short months, Nick will be hopping on one of these with Nathaniel

and heading off to Kindergarten. And I will feel once again as though time is slipping away from me more quickly than I ever thought possible.


Rachel said...

Must have been something in the air last night. My boys built a huge castle out of the same kind of blocks. I didn't take a picture though and our own 'distructo' Grasshopper knocked it down. :)

Sarah T. said...

That made my heart hurt.

paige said...

That sure is a nice city you've built there. And good that you stopped for a while. Amazing little boy for getting you to. :)

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