Apr 25, 2010

Rain is good for something other than nourishing our lawn

Jakey and I've been home by ourselves all weekend while Grayson and the big boys are on a Cub Scout camping trip. (In tornado-warning weather, but that's another story.) Assuming they didn't get blown away, they'll be home in a few hours.

Jake and I have been having so much fun, since time for just the two of us is almost unheard of. Yesterday he spied a cantaloupe on the counter and asked me to cut it for him. (And by "asked me to cut it up for him," I mean that he grinned, pointed to it and said, "More.")

So while I was doing this:

... he opened the back door and surveyed the pouring rain.

He must have been confused by how bright the sky was, because he ran outside and just thought it was magnificent.

He bobbed his head and stomped his feet, dancing the afternoon away in the rain.

(I have REALLY got to consider moving the grill. I can't stand it that most of the pictures I take on our deck have that grill in the background.)

Every few minutes he'd run back inside to grin and make sure I was watching. But still working on the cantaloupe, because he also had to make sure that I wasn't sleeping on the job.

He loved, loved, loved darting in and out of the door to play in the rain.

I think he's convinced that we need a little pouring rain every day.

I'm a little sad that our quality time just Mommy and Jakey comes to an end this afternoon, but I miss the other boys so much! I can't wait to see their faces and hear all the stories about how their tent almost blew away. I'm hoping Grayson took notes.


Frugal Home Designs said...

That is so cute. I bet life seems very simple with just one kiddo around :) It really is fun to get to one kid at a time, it seems like you get to know them a little better. P.S. My son's name is Jake too.

Anonymous said...

love it! very cute! i love how children have no cares in the world! thats the way it should be! thanks so much for stopping by and leaving a sweet comment! and i love your jedi artwork! what a great idea! i might have to copy! i would love for you to visit again soon!

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