Feb 7, 2010

Yesterday was such a 'Saturday'

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I don't know if everyone else is like this, but when we're not in some sort of sports season, our Saturdays are always some version of the same thing. Yesterday was no exception, and I relished it because we start baseball in a few weeks and our weekends will be quite a bit more hectic than they are right now.

On a Saturday like yesterday, you're likely to see one of these roaming around our house, lying in wait for you just around a corner:

And not too far away you might find another one, perhaps one just a little more laid back, with his epaulets all askew because his costume got stuffed into a drawer willy-nilly last time.

On a Saturday like yesterday, you'll probably find a lunch like this on the island ... a peanut butter and honey sandwich with chips and some nuts or apple slices on the side.

And you'll find that Captain Rex and Commander Cody have pulled their uniforms down to eat because those sleeves are unwieldy and tend to get dirty if you're not careful.

On a Saturday like yesterday, you might find Jakey running around with the camera, attempting to take pictures of his brothers but generally failing because his chubby little fingers always find their way in front of the lens.

Again and again ...

And again. (I shouldn't be surprised anymore when I download my pictures and find about 91 that look like this, but I usually am.)

On a Saturday like yesterday, I'm likely to notice things that escaped me during the busy week, things like the fact that the guest bed hasn't had clean sheets on it since Monday.

Things like the fact that I've forgotten to take Jakey's Christmas handprint plate down from the kitchen wall and put the platter back up in its place. It's only mid-February, after all.

Things like the fact that the Clinique free gift makeup bags that I tossed on our bed were completely camouflaged by our Pottery Barn quilt.

Funny, because when I got the free gift, I thought to myself, "Huh. These bags are kind of ugly." I guess they didn't remind me of my quilt at the time!

On a Saturday like yesterday, it's extremely likely that all five of our laundry baskets look like this:

Jake has one, Nathaniel and Nick have one, and Grayson and I have three in our room (whites, darks and linens). They are ALL overflowing by the time the weekend arrives.

Then as we wash the clothes we toss them on the guest bed to fold. This pile is after only two loads have been run.

And here's what the boys' hamper looked like after I'd already run one load out of it ... now it's simply "full" instead of busting out all over. Well, except for that pile to the left of it.

On a Saturday like yesterday, we love to pick up some Hot! Now! Doughnuts! at Krispy Kreme. And this weekend they're all decked out for Valentine's Day.

Both on the outside of the box AND the inside.

And on a Saturday like yesterday, you'll find Jakey reveling in the joy that is a Krispy Kreme doughnut to call his very own.

Along with Nicholas, whose doughnut of choice is chocolate glazed with sprinkles.

And Nathaniel, who usually prefers plain glazed but last night at my suggestion tried the chocolate glazed and LOVED it. He may have a new favorite. (You're welcome, baby. The support group meets on Wednesdays.)

On a Saturday like yesterday, you'll find me being thankful for our relative good health and the fun we're able to have together as a family just doing normal, boring things. I'm trying hard to find joy in the mundane as I read more and more about families who have lost children, the devastation in Haiti and the ongoing struggles of the indigent both domestically and abroad.

Thank you, Lord, for Saturdays like yesterday.


Sarah T. said...

Great post!

maura said...

I am glad you had a nice day. My saturday was a little crazier. My two kids are on swimteam and we had a meet yesterday. My son starts baseball in april so we get about three weeks of "sports vacation". Have a great sunday!

Rachel said...

So glad you had a nice Saturday. Our day was pretty good too.

Katherine @ Grass Stains said...

I'm glad to hear there were a lot of good Saturdays out there yesterday, busy or lazy. Spoiler alert for tomorrow! Our day kind of got hectic and turned upside down after I wrote that post, with a trip to the ER for little Jakey.

Bob Monk said...
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