Jan 30, 2010

We interrupt this regularly scheduled blog


If you follow me on Twitter or read my Tweets on the lefthand side of the blog, you know that Jake got the stomach bug and Grayson contracted walking pneumonia while we were at Disney World.

To make matters worse, Nathaniel started getting sick on our last day there (Friday) and was feeling too bad to eat lunch. When we got home last night, he was running 101.5 degrees of fever.

Cut to tonight, one day after our return. My dad called and mentioned that he's now running over 101 degrees and may have to cancel his long-scheduled trip with his brother-in-law and good friends that's supposed to begin tomorrow.

And my poor sister -- who has a cab scheduled to pick her up at 4:40 in the morning at our house to fly home to Wyoming -- is currently vomiting in our powder room.

I realize that I just wrote a bunch of words, BUT INTERNET, I HAVE NO WORDS.


Megan @ Hold it Up to the Light said...

I think that beats my "tropical depression Disney vacation"....I am soooo sorry, friend. Sending "get well soon" vibes your way!

Sewconsult said...

Wow, get well soon to all that are sick. That certainly doesn't make for a good memory of an ending to a wonderful vacation.

BoosMom said...

Oh, I am so sorry everyone has gotten sick! Hopefully, it will all pass soon.

On the bright side, at least it was at the END of your vacation, right??

Praying for you all!!

Rachel said...

Oh how SAD!! Praying you all feel better quickly.

Katherine @ Grass Stains said...

Thank you, all! Things are finally looking up at our house, and my sister is on a plane to Wyoming right now.

Megan, I have another friend who was at Disney the same week you were when it rained cats and dogs all week. (Cindy Anderton. Do you know her?) When she was telling me about her trip, I asked her if she knew you because it sounded like you'd been there at the same time! Apparently you have other friends in common because someone else had already made the same connection.

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