Jan 30, 2010

A short sanity break

My sister flew back with us from Disney, and while I still have two posts to go to catch you up on the end of our trip, I really want to spend as much time as possible with her before she flies out on Sunday morning.

And I believe I've mentioned that it takes a sweet forever to upload pictures to Blogger ... I think Thursday night I spent three hours just uploading the pictures alone to Blogger, and then I still had to write the post. Yikes!

Also -- spoiler alert! -- Grayson and Nathaniel came home from Disney REALLY sick, so we're contending with that, too. Please keep them in your prayers ... they are both hurting.

Be back shortly!


RLR said...

Enjoy the time with your sister! And, hope everyone is feeling better soon (that's not the fun way to end a vacation)!

Rachel said...

Sounds like you've been on a roller coaster even without the actual roller coasters at the park.

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