Jan 20, 2010

Songs that take me back, part deux

Last Friday I wrote a post about songs that take me back to another place in time, and because I am famously long-winded, I decided to wrap it up early and come back for the rest of the songs on my list this week.

So, without further ado, the rest of my hastily composed list:

Hold It Up to the Light, David Wilcox - ANYTHING by Dave Wilcox reminds me of my college roommate Honor. She was a big fan of his and introduced me to his music our freshman year of college. I fell in love with his acoustic guitar playing and hummable melodies. For some reason I associate this song most with our off-campus apartment junior year, but really to me Dave is just synonymous with Honor.

Round of Blues, Shawn Colvin - Why does half of the music in these posts remind me of Honor? Most COOL people will say Steady On is their favorite of her albums ... I think that's the moodiest and earliest. I'll be a trend-breaker and say that the more mainstream, melodic Fat City is my favorite album, and Round of Blues is a really catchy tune off of it. It reminds me of being in our apartment junior year in college, making sweet tea in the galley kitchen and singing at the top of our lungs, waiting for Lisa to get home from her 3 to 11 shift at the hospital so we could pester her to stay up later than she wanted to.

Baby's Got her Blue Jeans On, Mel McDaniel - Grayson's a big fan of classic country, and this song was one of his favorites around the time we started dating. I guess it was in heavy rotation on the local classic country station, because it seems like every time we went on a date, it came on the radio. Not being a fan (then or now) of classic country (I'm more of a Carrie Underwood girl), I just had to open a new tab and find out who the artist is. Mel McDaniel? If you say so, iTunes. Anyway, this reminds me of driving around Birmingham with my new boyfriend who was a Senior! When I was a Sophomore! in his parents' champagne Dodge Dynasty. Good times.

Lead Me On, Amy Grant - Hands down, my favorite album of Amy's is Lead Me On, and the title track STILL makes me tap my foot and sing along anytime I hear it on the radio. All of her songs -- even the mere mention of her name -- remind me of my sister, who at one time was probably Amy's biggest fan and remains a loyal supporter today. We used to sing every song off every Amy Grant album in the car, in our bedrooms, throughout the house, wherever she was playing. And we went to the Lead Me On concert in downtown Atlanta when Amy played there in the '80s. All of which is why I was completely stunned and thrilled when Amy became my Follower on Twitter recently. WHAT THE WHAT? So far she hasn't figured out her mistake and Unfollowed, which is still blowing my mind.

Life is a Highway
, Rascal Flatts - This is the very first song that Nathaniel and Nicholas asked me to download on iTunes for them. It's the song that started their playlist. The song that ushered them into the digital musical age. I'll carry the memory of them belting it out from the back seat of my beloved Explorer forever.

Got any to add?


Rachel said...

My boys love that song too. They haven't figured out that I can download music yet. I'll have to surprise them with their own cd.

Sarah T. said...

Great list. Those songs have strong memories for me, too.

Dad said...

What, no Gordon Lightfoot??!!

Katherine @ Grass Stains said...

I know, I know. I couldn't include EVERY song and artist! But Gordon Lightfoot is right in there, too. I expected SET to call me on that first.

GL will be at Symphony Hall in March ... I saw that on a Web site somewhere recently.

Honor Hightshue said...

Those songs are some of my favorite too! And all remind me of you! I was listening to David and Shawn TODAY actually! Love ya! Honor

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