Jan 19, 2010

Quick prayer request

I haven't written much about The Tale of Jake and RSV except in Tweets over the last several days, but he went back to school after a whole week at home.

He's wheezing a little, and I'm almost positive it's in his throat and not his lungs, but I'm not willing to get on a plane and fly Far, Far Away on Friday without the blessing of our pediatrician. (I know that they have doctors in Florida, but I don't want to go and end up stuck in a hotel room or a hospital for the entire week with a very sick child.) Grayson's taking him in at 8:00 tomorrow morning to have them listen to his lungs, and I'd appreciate your prayers on his behalf.

I'll keep you posted!

1 comment:

Rachel said...

We'll be praying!!!!!!!

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