Jan 14, 2010

Our middle son has A Gift

First, an update on Jakey. He stayed home with Grayson yesterday and had a pretty good day. They went back to the pediatrician for a re-check since his breathing seemed more labored overnight Tuesday night. They said we just need to keep watching him and to use the nebulizer if we hear wheezing, and treat his cough with over-the-counter meds, since it had gotten worse since Monday. But other than that, just keep on keepin' on.

I was relieved to hear that they didn't feel like he was much worse, because his case last year was very scary and we had a friend in Atlanta who lost one of her one-year-old twins to RSV while Jake was still recovering from his case last year. Hearing that Jake was holding his own was good for my soul, especially because while I was catching up on blogs after my weekend away, I read a prayer request for a sick baby and clicked over to find out what to pray for, only to find out that the sweet baby had gone to be with Jesus after losing his fight with RSV and Pertussis. (And if you have a moment, please leave a word of encouragement on Natalie's blog. I don't know her, but I know she would appreciate any support you can offer.)

When I got home from work last night, Jake was so glad to see me ... he's finally calling me "Mama," which just warms my heart to the very core. Even if he's whining it, I'm so glad to hear it that I just melt.

He was dressed up in his hand-me-down Power Rangers sweatsuit, which is a little long in the arms but was keeping him toasty warm.

Who doesn't love a toddler in a hoodie sporting a really runny nose?

I personally can't resist them.

The Big Boys started up a Wii game after Nathaniel finished his homework, and of course Jakey had to get in on that action.

He is utterly captivated by all things Wii and has to be a part of any game we play.

I tried to get him to look at me or smile, but he just wasn't feeling it last night.

Just pensive and interested in the game at hand. And snotty.

After a while he decided that he'd had enough and just wanted to go to bed.

Sleeping in 10-minute segments between coughing fits for four nights in a row will do that to you.

He left Nicholas trying out one of our new games from Christmas, Wii Sports Resort, which has 12 sports on it. Last night he canoed his way to the finish line in record time and also kicked everyone's patootie in golf.

And I have to share the reason for this post's title, which is a video I shot Tuesday night that had me cracking up for several reasons. It's of Grayson and Nick playing swordfight on Wii Sports Resort (because what resort of any repute doesn't offer swordfighting?), and Nick is OUTSTANDING at it. I was laughing because:

1. Nathaniel isn't playing because it's a two-player game, but he had to get in on the action by using his Nerf sword nearby. LOUDLY.

2. Jake also, of course, can't be left out. He's there at the front with his own remote, caught between his desire to play and his fascination with Grayson's moves.

3. Nick starts out swishing the sword, then stands there for a minute while Grayson thrashes around wildly, then Nick swishes like three times and Grayson is DOWN.

I've watched it like 20 times, and while I know you won't find it as funny as I did, I just had to share it. Thanks for indulging me!


Sarah T. said...

Totally awesome.

Katherine @ Grass Stains said...

I neglected to mention that Nick won 8 out of 10 swordfights.

Anonymous said...

We got the Resort games for Christmas as well, and my son who is almost 6 can beat everyone at sword fighting! If I'm up for 3 swishes of my sword I'm doing good! He thrashes around so much that pretty soon he'll probably tear a rotor cuff or something! He's also really good at table tennis. I would have thought that that was a more tame sport, but not when my son gets a hold of it! Glad Jake is not getting any worse. Will continue to say a prayer for him. : ) Kim

jennhenders said...


I CANNOT STOP LAUGHING!!!! This is hil.arious. omg. Thanks for posting.


Sarah T. said...

Just watched it again. Nick's spastic arm movements get me every time.

Katherine @ Grass Stains said...

I'm glad you guys were entertained, too! It had me laughing all night.

Anonymous said...
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Rachel said...

That's so funny! I'm sure it would work out that way here too.

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