Dec 19, 2009



You are practically an adult. [SIGH.] That really about sums it up, buddy. I still think of you as “my baby,” but you are so wise beyond your years that although I can’t believe that you are ALREADY 7, I am also completely astounded that you are ONLY 7. You are very verbal and you process your thoughts so well that I can’t ever lie down on the job. You force me to make my own arguments cohesively and completely, and if I leave so much as a teeny, tiny loophole, you will find it and use it to your advantage.

You were absolutely BORN to be a big brother. You continue to mentor Nick and care for Jake, much as Daddy and I try to do for each of them. You model a lot of our behavior, although you DO put your own spin on it. Whereas Daddy and I aren’t so much into the hitting, poking and throwing of objects, you use those methods to keep Nick in line sometimes. It IS awfully handy having you around as a third parent most of the time, so thanks for that.

You’ve taken to first grade like a duck to water. You are reading Chapter Books like a total champ, and you read signs and even subtitles on TV all the time. You’ve started reading in bed every night, and I love that you are already inspired to read on your own. You’re sort of shy at school with your teacher, but you make friends easily.

You played your umpteenth season of soccer this Fall, but almost every game was rained out. Now you’re thinking you might like to try gymnastics, since it’s an indoor sport! I think you really just want to get to PLAY something, and the weather really got you down this year. My favorite moment on the soccer field this year was when a fellow team member got knocked d
own during a game and you ran over and extended your hand to help him up. ALL THE MOMS ON THE SIDELINES WENT “AWWWWWW.” I was so proud I almost died.

I love that you still run to me when I pick you up from school and you give me a big hug. Sometimes you even tell me you missed me. I love that you’ve lost three bottom teeth and you are yanking as hard as you can on the top two to see if you can get them to come out (although I don’t know how you’ll eat when they do).

I love that you want to institute Family Game Night on Saturdays so that we can all play together. (I’ve been looking forward to that for seven years.) And I love that you desire more time with me … that you love me despite all of my faults. I am so blessed to be your mommy!


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Sarah T. said...

Love to NLH. The original Little Buddy.

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