Dec 18, 2009

'Search Web for ...'

I recently installed the newest version of Firefox on my PC to see if that would keep it from crashing several times a week. (It hasn't. Fixed it, I mean. It still crashes.)

I noticed something last night, though, something that I guess was part of the installation but I just now caught on to the fact that it sits right above my menu at the top of the page. It's this Yahoo Toolbar thingie, but it doesn't have a text input box.

The thing is, when I first saw it, I thought it was a joke. I'm not sure you can read them, so I'll tell you what they say: Search the Web for %s. E-mail this %t. IM this %t. Translate to English. Lookup %s in Dictionary.

It's the use of the combination of the special percent character and the s or t at the end of it that's had me in stitches. It looks like it's asking me if I want to E-mail this s**t to somebody or Lookup this s**t in the Dictionary. Perhaps that's just the naughty side of my brain coming out, but Seriously. Doesn't it look like that to you, too?

1 comment:

Sarah T. said...

Is that what it is it supposed to say, or is that some funkiness your computer is generating? Do not understand.

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