Dec 17, 2009

Houseguests for the holidays?

A popular blog topic this month seems to be Things You Do that Welcome Guests to your Home. It got me thinking about what we've tried to do in order to make a stay with us as enjoyable as possible. (Who do I think I AM? Holiday Inn?)

I really do love opening our home to friends and family, and I try to make them feel as comfortable as possible while they're here. I came up with a list of things we've done to make that happen:

1. We bought queen-size beds for the guest room and the big boys' room so that no one has to squeeze into a twin or double bed.

2. I stocked the guest bathroom with the same fluffy, large bath sheets and washcloths that we have in our master bathroom.

3. The guest bathroom also holds body wash and shampoo in the shower, and extra toothbrushes, a curling iron and hair dryer in the drawer. I replaced the crummy shower head with one that shoots out more water.

4. I try to buy drinks, fruit and snacks that specific guests enjoy, and our pantry and fridge are always open to everyone.

5. I keep things picked up off the floor as much as possible, so that no one falls and breaks a hip.

6. I keep a couple of blankets on the couch and extras in the closet because I DO like to keep my house a little chilly in general, and I want people to be able to bundle up if they need to!

7. I strive for a seating arrangement in the den that accommodates TV watching and conversation equally.

8. I keep a few books and magazines in the guest room so that people have something to read if they're having trouble falling asleep. There's also a TV with cable in there for the same reason.

9. I love to have music playing, especially when we're grilling out or just talking in the den after a meal. Just so long as they're MY music choices, not Grayson's. We really have different tastes in music!

10. I put soft, high-threadcount sheets
and a nice quilt on the guest bed, both of which cover the same brand and style of mattress that we sleep on in our room.

We've been married for almost 15 years, so I didn't do all this overnight. I just added things when I could and changed things out when we had a little extra money. (WHEN WAS THAT? THOSE DAYS ARE LONG GONE.)

What do YOU do to make your guests feel welcome in your home?


Anonymous said...

my sister's husband has a large family(he's one of nine, 7 girls & 2 boys). she made up small rubber maid containers for both sexes with toiletries just in case someone forgot their things. she also makes sure she has plenty of adult beverages in the house ;).

Sewconsult said...

Let's see, I make sure that the room has a light bulb in the lamp, the dust is to a minimum. there's a box of tissues at the bedside, extra toiletries in the dresser, & clean sheets. Towels are laid out so they won't need to snoop into my linen closet!

HandyFamily said...

Do you have trouble getting your house-guests to leave? Or do they just want to move in?

Sounds like you take good care of them!

Melanie said...

I close the door to my Jake's room. It is better than using the crime scene/hazard tape. :-)

Katherine @ Grass Stains said...

If I had any room to store more toiletries, I would. I have a few things in there like the shampoo, body wash, cotton balls and Q-tips. I also have extra toothbrushes and toothpaste, but they're under my sink, not the boys' (the guests') ... Jake takes them and drops them off around the house, so I can't leave them in there!

Sarah T. said...

You do make your house very comfortable for your guests.
I can't wait to crash out on your new couch and raid whatever of the boys' junk food I can cram in my mouth in the middle of the night.

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