Dec 6, 2009

Holiday eye candy

Over at Better Home and Gardens, they have some great ideas for holiday decorating, and lots of them revolve around the kind of cheap glass ornaments that I used to not like but all of a sudden CANNOT get enough of. I just couldn't resist sharing a few of the things that have caught my eye over the last week or so as we count down the remaining days 'til Christmas! Click on the link below each picture for more information.

Glass Ornament Topiary

Compote of Vintage Ornaments

Another Bowl with Shiny Ornaments

Ornament Tree in a Tin Bucket

Ornaments on Candlesticks

Ornaments as Place Card Holders

Ornaments as Centerpieces

Ornaments in a Punch Bowl (with a great post by The Nester about using what you already own)

Ornament Wreath (a coathanger, some hot glue and ornaments from Target. SERIOUSLY.)

This is the year at my house when I finally got my act together and bought some hurricane globes at Big Lots (of all places) for $3 each. I thought they'd break on the way home in the car, but they didn't. I've managed to switch out their contents for each season so far ... brightly colored Easter eggs, Fall potpourri, and now shiny glass ornaments.

(Sorry my picture isn't anywhere near as good as the other pretty ones.) I am loving this solution, since I can dump the contents of each globe into a Target bag and stash it in the hall closet, where they'll be ready for me to grab again when the next season rolls around. THAT is my kind of low-maintenance operation.

Target has lots of those brightly colored ornaments for sale ... usually about $15 for 40 ornaments. I'd get right on that!


Melanie (Big Jake) said...

Wow. Thanks for this post. I had gotten a couple of really nice ornaments for some friends, but they are the kind that are too big to hang on a tree. At TARGET today I bought two candle holders for $1.99 and the ornaments look great sitting on top of them. I will look like a genius thanks to you.

Katherine @ Grass Stains said...

Yea, Melanie! I'm so glad. I was thinking that I have two HUGE ornaments that are really too big for even the bottom branches of our tree ... especially once gifts are piled under it ... so I might do the same thing and just display them on my sofa table.

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