Nov 23, 2009

Slices of Life, Vol. 28

Grayson: "We went to Publix on the way home, but they didn't have any Cherry Pop-Tarts ... just Strawberry."

Me: "Well, that's unfortunate."

Nicholas: "No, Mommy ... That's a SHAME!"


While watching Wizards of Waverly Place one night before bed, the boys laughed uproari
ously at something one of the characters said. I thought I'd missed something hilarious:

Me: "What's so funny?"

Nathaniel: "He just said something so funny!"

Me: "Who?"

Nathaniel: "Justin."

Me: "Which one's Justin?"

Nathaniel: "Justin Russo. The tall one in the plaid shirt."

Me: "Is Justin Russo his real name or his character's name?"

Nathaniel: [rolls his eyes] "That's his character's name, Mommy."

Nathaniel and Nick, in unison: "His real name is David Henrie!"

They later recounted a similar story about Max Russo, played by Jake T. Austin. They used the "T" and everything. I think I have two budding People magazine readers on my hands.


Speaking of Wizards, it can sometimes be a little over their heads. A couple of times per episode, I have to explain what a character meant by a particular comment. I might add a little something in my explanation about an element of the character's personality or whatever, just to help it make more sense to the boys.

Recently, while we were watching:

[Uproarious laughter from the laugh track and my peanut gallery]

Me: "What did he say? I missed it."

Nicholas: [still giggling] "He said something SO FUNNY."

Me: "Who?"

Nicholas: "The fishy-fish one."

Me: "WHO?"

Nicholas: "The FISHY-FISH, one, Mommy. The one who ALWAYS says things like that."

Me: "Ohhhhhh, the FACETIOUS one. Got it."


Ever since Nathaniel lost his first tooth, he's been yanking at all of his others, trying to get another one to come loose. He's almost there! On the way home from school one afternoon:

Nathaniel: "Mommy, in addition to eating lunch at school on pizza, chicken finger, chicken nugget and hamburgers days, I also want to eat lunch at school on spaghetti days."

Me: " OK, that's fine. Why?"

Nathaniel: "Because my other bottom tooth is loose, and I want to eat more hard things, because I lost my first tooth when I was eating something hard for lunch. Remembah?"

Me: "Yes, but is spaghetti hard?"

Nathaniel: "Nope, but they serve it with really hard bread."


Sometimes Nicholas is very particular about taking a certain item to school with him, whether it be his Leapster, a favorite stuffed animal or a book. One recent morning, he wanted to take a stuffed animal with him but left it upstairs when it was time to go. Once they got in the car:

Nicholas: "DADDY! I left Lammie upstairs. I need to go back and get him!"

Grayson: "Buddy, we don't have time. I can't let you go back upstairs now."

Nicholas: "BUT DADDY! I HAVE to go back. I need Lammie."

Grayson: "Buddy, we'll be late for school and I'll be late for work if we stop now. You're ju
st going to have to leave him here today."

Nicholas: [wailing] "DADDY, YOU'RE BREAKIN' MY HEART."



That noise you just heard was the sound of my Mommy Card being ripped in half. Nathaniel lost his second tooth recently, and that night he put it in his little Tooth Fairy jar at bedtime. The next mornin
g when he came down for breakfast:

Nathaniel: "Mommy, the Tooth Fairy didn't come last night."

Me: [stunned silence] "Umm. She DIDN'T?"

Nathaniel: "No."

Me: "Well, buddy, I wonder if maybe LOTS of kids lost teeth yesterday, and she just couldn't get to everyone in one night."

Nathaniel: [skeptically] "Maybe. If she comes tonight, I'll still believe in her." [pause] "I'll give her til the end of the week."


On the way to eat lunch at Johnny Rocket's last Saturday:

Nicholas: "Mommy, why are pigs made out of food?"


Rachel said...

How funny. I wish I was better at keeping track of the funny things kids say.

RLR said...

Love these! I try to make note of the cutest of the cute in the "overheard" category on my blog.

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