Nov 24, 2009

DisneyWatch 2010: Events

Lots of you included tips on what events to make time for in each park last week that I'm not sure you'll have much to say this week ... but today is EVENTS.

Basically I want to know what events we should try to see while we're there, including parades, fireworks, etc. I'm not sure that Jake will make it to that time of night on any of the nights, but if there is something that I feel like he MUST SEE, I would try to take him back to the hotel for a long nap that day and take him back to the park for the event.

So, Internet, what say you? Any tips on must-see events?

I have another post set to go up later today, since this one didn't take any effort, so check back in a few hours!


1 comment:

Nancy said...

you must take the boys to Jedi Training academy!!! You may have to go more than once for both of them to get cchosen, but it is soo worth it. The boys are called up and given Jedi robes and a light saber and then trained to use them. In the end they fight either Datth Vadar or darth Maul. It is so exciting for them, and I cried tears of joy. Tip, kids that dressed matching and acted like they were together got chosen together. Tip 2 have your video camera, it is priceless!

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