Nov 12, 2009

Life would be so much better if ...

- cantaloupe would slice and cube itself.

- my hair would trim itself.

- the ants would vacate our premises quickly and permanently.

- the boys' bed would make itself.

- my pictures would Photoshop themselves into stunningly beautiful creations.

- the dehumidifier in the basement would empty itself every morning and put itself back in its cradle without splashing used water on my wear-to-work shoes.

- the boys would confine their urine to the Actual Potty instead of simply Within 24 Linear Inches of the Potty.

- the laundry would wash, fold and put away itself.

So I think things like this and I write them all out. And then I read posts from the bloggers who are in El Salvador right now with Compassion International, and I think about how lucky I am to have cantaloupe to eat, healthy hair to trim, ants that come in to my house looking for food and water they know we have, beds for my children to sleep in, a camera to take pictures with, a dehumidifier to keep our basement less moist, toilets and well-hydrated children to make good use of them, and modern machinery to wash and dry our many clothes.

We are a blessed household, a blessed city, a blessed nation. And I need to take more time out to remember it.


Traci Michele said...

Amen! Wonderful post! Nice to meet you!

Found you over at Mckmama's blog.


melanie (big Jake's Mom) said...

Amen, and AMEN!

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