Oct 23, 2009

Is reading worth the anxiety?

So it's time for another edition of "She So Crazy." This time it revolves around some of the madness related to reading.

- If I drop a book or magazine on the floor while I'm reading it, I suffer from a really disproportionate adrenaline rush and then a crushing sense of defeat. How long would it take to find my place again ... 30 seconds? What's the big deal?

- I always take a book or my Kindle to the doctor's office so I can read during the inevitable waiting period. When the nurse comes to the door and hollers, "Katherine!", for some reason I start freaking out internally. "Wait a second, let me grab my jacket and my purse. Oh, let me put my Kindle in my purse. I'm right here; don't leave without me. OH CRAP, I DROPPED MY KINDLE." I mean, she sees me; she realizes I'm coming. I have no idea why the freakout. Every. single. time.

- I also always have a book with me while I'm waiting to board a plane. Even though the PA system is incredibly loud (and I NEVER seem to miss the boarding calls for the six flights at NEIGHBORING gates), I am always worried that I'm going to get really engrossed in my book and miss my flight, EVEN THOUGH I'M SITTING RIGHT THERE. Paranoid? You might think. But it almost happened to me once. I didn't "snap to" until they announced the final boarding call and threatened to give my seat away to a standby passenger.

- I'm pretty sure I've NEVER broken the binding on a paperback book. When I read, I am careful never to bend the covers back at an angle that would cause a crease on the exterior binding. I've always loved for my books to look brand-new on my shelf, even after I've read them. Otherwise, the titles are really hard to read. Right? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller? This particular quirk came in REALLY handy two years ago when I decided to part with all of my books and sell them on Amazon Marketplace. I was able to sell them all in "new" condition ... I sold several hundred books and made almost $2,000. BOO-YAH.

You guys just let me know when I've disclosed enough of my crazy that you decide you can't come back here. Or, alternatively, leave a Comment telling me that I'm not alone! Crazy LOVES company.


Rachel said...

I'm crazy but not like that. I do get worried that I'm going to miss my flight even though I'm right there. :)

lauren @ gathering moss said...

these are my favorite posts! i can pretty much always relate in some way. keep them coming - my crazy loves company too :)

Sewconsult said...

Love them...I recognize myself, except with the Kindle. I really want one. I have increasing problems with holding books because of arthritis. I can't give up reading! I've already had to give up sewing handwork.

Love your blog & know that I will always get my humor for the day. I found you by way of Jonut.
Beckie in Brentwood, TN

Holly said...

Hehehe I'm like that with the spines of books too! :O

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