Oct 6, 2009



I am in COMPLETE denial that I am sitting here writing your FIVE-YEAR BIRTHDAY LETTER. I cannot believe that you are 5 years old!

The past year has been remarkably different from the one that preceded it. I told you last year that “three” was a tough year for you, and it was. You pushed the limits like no child I’ve ever seen before. But apparently all that button-pushing, rule-breaking and limit-pushing was what led you to THIS PAST YEAR, which was glorious. I would never have thought that you could have grown up so much in the space of just 365 days, BUT YOU HAVE.

You went from pushing us away and defying all of our attempts to rein you in to being the most openly affectionate child in the house. You love hugs, and you won’t leave the house in the morning without obtaining several of them. You chase Jake down so that you can tackle him in a bear hug, you pat his arm when he’s sitting beside you watching TV, and you comfort him when he’s hurt. YOU’RE A GIVER.

You went from acting out at school and being reprimanded daily for behavior violations to being a great helper in your classroom and earning rave reviews from your teachers. You are enjoying learning how to spell, you are thrilled about your phonics class, you look forward to doing reading lessons at home, you can read full sentences, and you love to help Nathaniel with his own homework. YOU’RE LEARNING SO MUCH.

You went from being angry that you couldn’t keep up with Daddy and Nathaniel on a bike ride (because of your training wheels) to putting your mind to it and learning to ride a two-wheeler. You take turns too quickly, you don’t always look where you’re going, and you ride waaaaay too fast in general, but you just want to do what The Big Guys are doing. YOU’RE GROWING UP.

You went from making me feel like I was doing everything wrong as a parent to making me feel like I’m doing a few things right. You asked me yesterday why I don’t live with Mop and Pop anymore, and I explained that I grew up, fell in love with and married Daddy, and that we built a life together in another house … just like you would do one day. And you got tears in your eyes and told me in a quiet voice, “I will never leave you, Mommy. I want to live with you forever and ever.” YOU LOVE ME SO WELL.

Buddy, I love you totally and completely, and I’m so glad you’re my son.



Rachel said...

Happy 5th Birthday! Congratulations.

Leslie said...

Ok, you made me cry!

Five has been GREAT for Isaac! Four was rough, but it got so much better. Can't wait to see what six brings for him as well as what five brings for Nicholas.

Isn't it amazing how not only each kid is so different from another, but how they all change so much as individuals as well. Life will never be boring for sure! Tell Nicholas Happy Birthday, and BTW Happy Anniversary to you and Grayson as well!

Patrice said...

OY, geez, there goes the mascara. You got me with that "I'll never leave you" comment. So sweet. Happy Birthday Nick!

Anonymous said...

Happy 5th birthday Nicholas!
Uncle Bill and Aunt Patsy

melanie said...

Yep, made me cry too. From the Mom of a boy who grew up too fast, happy 5th birthday Nicholas! Jake's classic comment at age 5...
"Mom, I love school, it's that work part I don't like."

Do us proud at Target!

Anonymous said...

I love this post, and I love watching you be a mama. What a special gift for Nicholas! Thanks for sharing it with us!

RLR said...

What a sweet boy! Birthday letters are such a great idea!

Kelly and Chad said...

Well, you know I'm just a newlywed and you made me cry! What a precious keepsake....Happy day to the big 5 year old! I know his grandparents are so proud of him!

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