Sep 26, 2009

TargetWatch '09: Now hiring

So I have my verbal invitation to attend, but no written invitation YET. It's supposed to be here any day now.

But the lights are on in there, trucks keep pulling in and out, the parking lot houses 20 or 30 cars each day, and THEY'RE GETTING READY.

Ten days left until I attend the soft grand opening and pick up that $100 gift card for a random one of you to win!

The doors are covered up with brown paper so I can't see in when I drive by, totally stalking, eight feet from the front doors.
(Do you think someone's watching me from that little slit at the bottom of the left-hand door? Not awkward AT ALL.)

I don't think we can assume that the paper is there because of me, just because I drive up there four times a week to see what else is new. I think that would be jumping to conclusions.

Look. There it is in big, bold, white sans-serif letters: OPENS OCT. 11. Squee!

And look what else:

They are looking for qualified individuals to join the team. Individuals worthy of wearing the deceptively simple red-and-white bulls eye logo with pride. Individuals who are ready to serve. Ready to answer the call. Ready to ring up my Caffeine-free Diet Coke, Lego pirate ship, blue polka-dot wrapping paper, tan organic cotton washcloths, and whatever other very non-specific things I might have on my list on a given day.

Ten days. TEN. DAYS.


Rachel said...

How fun! You are to funny! I'm so excited for you. :)

Megan @ Hold it Up to the Light said...

How cool are YOU! How did you get such a sweet gig? May I say....Jealous!

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