Sep 8, 2009

Good things: public restroom edition

Can there even BE enough good things about a public restroom to comprise a post? Yes, Chandler Bing, yes there can.

In honor of our drive up to and down from Memphis for Labor Day, I present to you my list, in order of appearance:

1. A non-smell. I don't need April-fresh. I'll take no odor at all.

2. A toilet seat that doesn't shift two inches to the left when you sit down, which prompts undesired contact with the underseat

3. A full, properly working softsoap dispenser

4. Plentiful paper towels instead of one of those dadblasted air-dry things

5. A door that pushes outward to exit so that you don't have to grab a paper towel or your shirt tail to be able to leave hygienically


Anonymous said...

I would add "proper, working lighting" to that list. Have you ever been to a public restroom with one of those flickering flourescent lights? Very Hannibal Lecter-ish.


Rachel said...

Sounds like a nice enough bathroom. I would add a clean floor. Not one of those really wet grimy floors. eck!

Katherine @ Grass Stains said...

Katie, Yes, proper lighting is preferred. I have NEVER, to my knowledge, been in a public restroom that had lighting as flattering as the lighting in my home, but there are some places that do it better than others.

Rachel, a clean floor is a bonus I almost never encounter in a public restroom, unless it's at PF Chang's or The Cheesecake Factory. BP and Exxon continually let me down on that score. I try to keep my pants legs pulled up really high so I don't take away any unexpected souvenirs.

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