Sep 6, 2009

Things I love: at Pottery Barn

It's been a while since I've posted pictures of some of the things in a recent Pottery Barn catalog. Today seemed like a great day to resume, since they have so many beautiful Fall things in the latest catalog.

As I flipped it open, I was struck by how much seeing all of the autumnal-themed rooms made me ache for Fall to arrive. In this particular dining room grouping, I fell in love with the centerpieces ... hurricane globes filled to the brim with fruit and nuts. Gorgeous! So simple, and I could do it with things I already have.

The next thing that caught my eye was this chair. Now, I have to say that I am NOT a fan of armless chairs. I like the way they look, but when I sit in one (not a dining chair, but a lounging chair), I feel like I might topple right out of it. I just can't imagine reading comfortably in this chair:

But I am positively gaga over the upholstery, the dark-stained legs and the thick cushion. While I couldn't curl up in it and read, I could certainly enjoy watching someone open shower gifts from the comfort of it.

Next up, a circular dining table ... which I believe they call "round." (I don't know why I typed "circular.") Again with the Fall feeling ... the upholstered chairs, the fire roaring in the fireplace ... I LOVE IT ALL.

Those are armless chairs that I can get behind; I also love the captain's chairs at the head and foot of the table. Mommy and Daddy get the chairs with arms.

I have a lot of lamps in our house, because there's really not a lot of overhead lighting. I'd love to have recessed lights in the kitchen and den, but that is such an Optional Expense that it's never been at the top of our list. So I have a soft spot for pretty lamps, of which this is certainly an example:

Captivated by the color, love the shape, adore the shade. It's the total package.

And clearly I must have a thing for round dining tables, because this one caught my eye, too. Well, it's an oval, but that's close to circular. What really captured me when I saw this picture, though, were the chairs. I just love the mix of red, blue and stained chairs ... they look matched but mismatched at the same time. I'm in love!

They saved some of their best Fall wares for the back of the catalog. I turned the page and caught my breath ... LOOK!

I can't believe it's already time to start thinking about carving pumpkins and choosing the kind of candy to buy for the trick-or-treaters! (And THIS year I will have to choose candy that will not tempt me in any way, shape or form.) I have decided that I must have the tiered galvanized tin tray. That thing is too perfect for whatever my next hostessing gig will be.


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Rachel said...

Pottery Barn is a favorite of mine too. I'm in love with round dining tables and one day I will have one! :)

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