Aug 12, 2009

Minus 7.2

I was supposed to talk to my Jenny Craig weight counselor again yesterday morning, but I was at home with Nicholas, who was sick, and I missed her call at work. Since we have a set appointment time each week, I have to wait for her to contact me to reschedule.

HOWEVER, I am very happy to report that I lost a few more pounds over the last week, for a grand total of 7.2!

But This Just In from the Department of Redundancy Department: I AM STILL HUNGRY ALL THE TIME. The hunger hasn't subsided much yet, although it is perhaps a little less all-consuming than it was last week.

Note to Jenny Craig: Adding heaps of oregano, basil or some unidentified spice to an entree is NOT the same thing as adding fat or All The Delicious Carbs I Am Missing So Dearly. Spices do not make me feel fuller. They just make my tongue hurt and my breath smell like arse.

I am still finding, two and a half weeks into the program, that it is difficult for me to remember to eat six separate "meals" a day on a regular schedule. My life isn't really broken down into six separate chunks of time, so I often find myself in a meeting, driving somewhere or heading out for a walk when it's time to eat one of my snacks. And while I COULD stop and eat a Jenny-approved snack at any of those times -- and for the most part I HAVE been doing that -- it is really inconvenient and requires me to have a snack on my person at all times. I'm still figuring out the best way to do that.

Overall, though, I'm finding it slightly easier this week to stay on the plan, and I think that will continue until I hit my first plateau. THEN I'll really need some serious moral support, because THAT is always a Dark Day.



shanemotb said...

YIPEEEEE! What an awesome accomplishment!

Dad said...

Katherine, you're doing great. Keep at it!

Love, Dad

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