Aug 11, 2009

Getting off on the right foot

Last week while perusing my regular blog haunts, I came across this at The Magic Brush: adorable teachers' gifts.

School starts tomorrow for Nathaniel, and I knew immediately that I wanted to do something like this for his new teacher. I'm all about do-it-yourself initiatives, but I wasn't sure about the scrapbook paper on the paint can. (It looked terrific, but I knew that this week I don't have the time to invest in this particular project.)

So I went shopping for a cute lunch bag Ms. H. can use on the job, and I found one that I hope won't show dirt too easily.

Then I filled it up with some personal things I think she can use in the classroom this year. I included:

- A stainless steel water bottle with a matching Koozie with her first initial on it
- Two packs of gum
- A notepad and pen that coordinate with the bag and water bottle
- Hand sanitizer
- A pack of tissues
- Skittles
- Starbursts
- A keychain in the shape of her first initial
- A small Starbucks gift card for a yummy cup of coffee on that first day

Now I'll know how to prepare for next year, though, and maybe I'll plan far enough in advance to be able to try the more crafty, personalized idea!


Anonymous said...

I came here from Jonah's blog & as a teacher myself, I have to say I LOVE what you are giving your kids teacher. Great job!! :)


Jenny said...

Hey there,
I came via Jonah's blog too. How sweet are you to give your son's teacher such an adorable gift! She's going to love it! I taught 1st grade for 4 years (now I'm a stay at home mom) and I would have LOVED it if someone had given me this sort of gift! Have a great day! Jenny

jrogers said...

That lunch bag is too cute and I am glad I am not the only mom doing gifts. My girlfriend gives me a lot of grief (all in good fun) for giving teacher gifts. I think teachers are under appreciated and so deserving.

Anyhow ... where did you get that lunch bag? Also, where did the koozie come from? Soooo cute!

brightleigh said...

Kat--very thoughtful of you to do this for his teacher! I have been in education for 13 years and I have only gotten a gift similar to this once and it was at the end of the year. She will love it and remember it all year long. Good for you!

Katherine @ Grass Stains said...

Well, clearly I can't take credit for this idea, since I got it from another blog, but I'm so glad all of you teachers think it's a good gift. I really want Ms. H to know that we appreciate her, even before she's begun teaching Nathaniel ... teachers really have a tough job!

JRogers, I got the lunch bag and koozie at a local party goods-type store named PaperWorks. The brand is Occasionally Made, and the tag inside says they have a Web site at, although I haven't visited it.

Holly said...

WOW! That teacher gift is amazing! I'd be over the moon if someone gave me that!

Em said...

Hopping over from Kelly's Korner. I'm a 1st grade teacher and I love your idea! I have to say, as a teacher, I would appreciate the lunch bag more than a decorated can. Much more useful! :) So you improved this idea with your little twist!

Claire said...

What an adorable gift!


Brandy said...

How cute is all that!! I would love that lunchbox and goodies!!! So thoughtful of you!!

Beth McC. said...

As a previous teacher I can tell you that those are some great gifts!! SO CUTE, LOVE IT!!


Katherine @ Grass Stains said...

I'm so glad the teachers like it! I tried to think of what I might like if I were a teacher. :)

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