Aug 30, 2009

Little wins

Empty trash can. No orange peel, half-finished yogurt containers or popcorn spilling out of the top.

A completely made bed. Includes the pillow shams, which I used to place carefully every morning but after Kid #2 that dropped to maybe two days a week.

A full fruit bowl. Since I'm eating three fruits a day, I go through a bowl like this in no time. I love it when it's full and I don't have to settle for the last waxy, dented apple.

What are Your Little Wins?


Sarah T. said...

1. Getting my oil changed (that makes me feel like a good person for at least a week);
2. Fresh flowers in my house (I have orange and white lilies right now); and
3. Taking the pups on a long walk (best part of every day.)

RLR said...

1. A fresh calendar for the new school year.
2. All of the cardboard boxes broken down and ready for recycling.
3. An afternoon at the pool with my family.

Laura and family said...

1. Making it through a meal without 90% of said meal on me, my Gabriel, or the floor.
2. Making it through a diaper change without you-know-what being smeared on the carpet.
3. Bath time... where I can sit and relax for 3 minutes, until Gabe falls out and hits his head on the floor.

Can you tell what baby phase we are in? Ha.

Oh, my word verification is "dampoded." I think I might start using that on a daily basis- nice.

Katherine @ Grass Stains said...

I love all the Little Wins! Thanks for sharing them with me.

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