Aug 30, 2009

Little wins

Empty trash can. No orange peel, half-finished yogurt containers or popcorn spilling out of the top.

A completely made bed. Includes the pillow shams, which I used to place carefully every morning but after Kid #2 that dropped to maybe two days a week.

A full fruit bowl. Since I'm eating three fruits a day, I go through a bowl like this in no time. I love it when it's full and I don't have to settle for the last waxy, dented apple.

What are Your Little Wins?


Sarah T. said...

1. Getting my oil changed (that makes me feel like a good person for at least a week);
2. Fresh flowers in my house (I have orange and white lilies right now); and
3. Taking the pups on a long walk (best part of every day.)

RLR said...

1. A fresh calendar for the new school year.
2. All of the cardboard boxes broken down and ready for recycling.
3. An afternoon at the pool with my family.

Aaron & Laura said...

1. Making it through a meal without 90% of said meal on me, my Gabriel, or the floor.
2. Making it through a diaper change without you-know-what being smeared on the carpet.
3. Bath time... where I can sit and relax for 3 minutes, until Gabe falls out and hits his head on the floor.

Can you tell what baby phase we are in? Ha.

Oh, my word verification is "dampoded." I think I might start using that on a daily basis- nice.

Katherine said...

I love all the Little Wins! Thanks for sharing them with me.

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