Aug 15, 2009

Fun-filled weekend on the lake

It just occurred to me that I never posted any pictures from our trip to the lake with friends a couple of weekends ago.

I took Nathaniel and Nick up for the day and left Grayson and Jake at home; we'd decided it would be harder to manage Jake on this lake than we'd like it to be. Smith Lake is man-made and I think over 100 feet deep in places, and we just felt like it would be wiser to wait another year before we took Jake.

The boys and I drove up early Saturday morning to meet my college roommates Lisa and Honor and their families at Lisa's house there. We immediately jumped into the pontoon boat to take a ride, and the kids were in heaven.

There's just something about being on the water, the wind in your hair and the whole day in front of you, that makes you grin.

And chocolate is a great addition to ANY boat ride on ANY day.

The boys just kicked back and relaxed for the 40-minute ride to our destination ... a rocky shore where the water was REALLLLLLY deep.

Nick was especially excited about the prospect of jumping off of really cool rocks from great heights. THIS ONE'S GONNA BE TOO COOL FOR SCHOOL.

True to its promise, the swimming/jumping area was really neat. The rocks jutted straight down into the water, and the water was so deep that there was no danger of hitting rocks when you entered it. Here's Nathaniel jumping off at one of the lower levels of rocks.

And Doug, Honor's husband, diving off at a higher spot.

All the kids took turns, and we stayed for about an hour before heading back for lunch.

Since I didn't take my camera with me (GASP!), I don't have too many pictures to share, but it was such a fun day (and the summer is quickly getting away from us) that I wanted to post what I DO have.

Already looking forward to next year's lake weekend ... when hopefully Jakey will be accustomed to wearing a life vest and will have a great time with us!

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Sarah T. said...

They look like they had the BEST time! I hope Jake tolerates it well this weekend. Good luck!

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