Jul 24, 2009

Grinning from ear to ear

OK, if this doesn't make you grin, there's just nothing I can do for you. You are irredeemable. (Melanie M., that means "hopeless." Ha!)

This couple was on The Today Show this morning, and I think their entire wedding party is supposed to be on tomorrow morning.


These are some fun-lovin' folks.


Rebekah said...

Wow, this is going around the world fast. I'd never seen it before a few hour ago, but now I've seen it four times! lol.

Sarah T. said...

That's awesome, except that every time I hear Chris Brown now, I think of physical abuse, which isn't what you want associated with marriage.

They should have Rickrolled their wedding guests and danced to "Never Gonna Give You Up" instead.

Katherine said...

Rebekah, I know! It went viral really quickly!

SET, there are lots of songs I wouldn't be able to listen to and movies I wouldn't be able to watch if I associated them with the jerks who create them. So sometimes, I just have to let it go. I comfort myself with the thought that I bought that song on iTunes BEFORE he beat her up, so I only supported him financially before I found out what a tool he is.

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