Jul 24, 2009

15 months and counting

It's hard to believe that little Jakey is already 15 months old! The time since he was born has flown by more quickly than any other year I can remember. We went earlier this week for his 15-month checkup at the pediatrician's office. Our regular pediatrician, Dr. Amy, wasn't there, so we saw her partner, Dr. Malone.

"What is this thing? I'm WAY to big for it."

"While I'm waiting on you to do WHATEVER, I'll just pinch myself and see if I can figure out my BMI. No hurry."

"How long til Dr. Malone comes in? I'm fine. I'll just play with this tissue."

"OMG, I LOVE TISSUES. I could play with them all day." [Rip, rip, rip. Shred, shred, shred.]

"Seriously, I'm just going to make myself comfortable and keep shredding until he walks in the door."

"I can make lots of different shapes."

"I can make a BIG MESS."


"Do I have to quit? Please don't make me quit."

"HI, Dr. Malone! I love it when you listen to my chest. Nice watch. Also, sorry I ripped the pop-up Elmo out of your book."

"Can I please rip the stethoscope out of your ear? No? You ruin all my fun."

"And then you go and want to look in my ears! THE NERVE."

"I could totally do without this. GET THAT THING OUT OF MY EAR."

"I forgive you, for now. But I can hold a grudge with the best of 'em, so watch out NEXT time, Buster."


Sarah T. said...

I could sop him up with a biscuit!

Katherine @ Grass Stains said...

I know. I'm on the verge of just carrying a biscuit around with me every day so I can do just that.

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