May 17, 2009

TODAY is Sunday

All day yesterday I felt like it was Sunday ... I mean, I REALLY felt like it was Sunday.

Last night we went to supper at our favorite restaurant (Thanks, John and Leslie, for our gift card!), and during the meal I said to Grayson, "It's so strange. I've been feeling like it's Sunday all day."

After we finished eating, I suggested we pull the stroller out of the van and walk around the area for a while, because it was only 6:45 and the weather was cool. (The restaurant is in a nice outdoor mall, so we had sidewalks.)

As we were walking past all the stores, I kept noticing that a lot of people were in them. And I looked at the stores' signs, which said that they closed at 6:00. I said, "This is just so ODD. I can understand the stores letting people stay in them until 6:10 or 6:15, so they could check out with their purchases, but it's 7:00! That's just CRAZY."

We kept walking, and we passed a store that must have had 20 people in it. I said, "Look! THAT STORE HAS AT LEAST 20 PEOPLE IN IT. IS THERE SOME SPECIAL THING GOING ON THAT I DON'T KNOW ABOUT?"

And Grayson started laughing uncontrollably, and he squeaked out, "IT'S SATURDAY, NOT SUNDAY.
The stores don't close until 9. You're just assuming that you're RIGHT and everyone else is WRONG. "

Huh. He was right.

1 comment:

Grayson said...

OMG - She put it in print that I'm right!

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