May 18, 2009

Bad things: Fast-food edition

1. Ordering two kids' meals with fries and receiving one with fries and one with applesauce.
2. The one that came with applesauce came with no spoon.
3. Ordering a warm roast beef sandwich with Swiss and getting a roast beef sandwich with no cheese of any kind, cold.
4. Receiving two Capri-Suns with the kids' meals, BUT ONLY ONE STRAW.
5. Using my pocketknife to open up a hole in the lame Capri-Sun big enough for a regular straw to fit in (sacrificing my own straw -- and I LOVE straws), and spilling a quarter of the fruit punch down my shirt because those blasted tin-foil Capri-Sun containers are so flimsy.

I MIGHT have wanted to utter a few words that definitely shouldn't be uttered on a Sunday.

All of this happened yesterday when I drove through Arby's, by the way. So even though I could have gone inside and remedied most of it, I was with the kids by myself and didn't feel like dragging everyone in to deal with it. So we just coped.

I admire Truett Cathy and all that, but sometimes I just want to kick him for keeping my beloved Chick-fil-A closed on Sundays.


Rachel said...

Apparently you love Chick-fil-a like I do. You need to watch this couple minute video. It's a song about Chick-fil-a and you'll love it. It's G-rated and now my kids sing it. The little ones call it Triple A. lol

Katherine @ Grass Stains said...

Rachel, YES, we are HUGE CFA fans here. Can't get enough. Although I'm not a huge fan of their chicken salad ... it's the one menu item I don't really care for. Love the video!

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