May 3, 2009

Things I love: at Ballard Designs

For a long time, I've been throwing away the catalogs as I was carrying the mail from the mailbox to the house. The recycling can is right at the end of the driveway, and it was simple to just throw everything in there and not even bring it inside. That way, I wouldn't be tempted to buy anything we don't need.

But then I started those posts about Things I Love, and it occurred to me that this blog could use some more Pretty Stuff. And those catalogs are chock-full of Pretty Stuff.

So today we're looking at things I love at Ballard Designs. I have several of their pieces in our house, and I love them all. Even their step stools are beautiful ... this one, the Devon stool, would be a great replacement for the white metal stool I keep in our kitchen. I might even try to reach more stuff on the top shelf if I could use this to do it:

The next yummy thing I like this month is this Antique Bead Footed Soup Bowl. OMG. It would be close to perfect without the little foot, but the foot just puts it over the top. I bet food tastes better when it's served in this bowl.

OH! And they have more than Just Bowls. If I could replace all my dishes today, I'd replace them with this set. Simple. Lightly distressed. Neutral. EVERYTHING I LOVE.

I really don't have a lot of white in my house, but I do like this Winslow Mirror (I have a feeling I'd like it even better if it came in black, though). It's a nice size, and I -- of course -- love the finish on it.

Next is an item that nicely supports my organizational fetish. I have a key rack by the door to the garage that holds my keys and also holds three pictures. But this Entryway Organizer holds MUCH MORE, and I love it. It comes in black, too, but I'm showing it in white because the features are more easily viewable in white. One day, I will upgrade my key rack to This Little Piece of Magnificence.

I'm a sucker for kitchen storage furniture -- who isn't? And I really like this piece, the Westbury Island. I love the black finish, and it looks like it will hold lots of dishes. It can also go petite if you fold the sides down, and I think everyone could use a few extra drawers in the kitchen. Can I get an AMEN?

Now, I'm not really a wing chair girl, but the Jameson Wing Chair is sporting a great shape. I could actually put this in my house ... not in white, of course, but in a great textured fabric, maybe. It looks like you could just curl up in it next to the fire and read a book. I would NOT eat chocolate or Cool Ranch Doritos in it, though.

Lastly, I came across this Beadboard Cabinet, which is VERY similar to the one I accidentally drooled on in the most recent Pottery Barn catalog. If they weren't all so darn wide, I'd be able to fit one in my kitchen ... which is the place all of our stuff gets dumped when we walk in the house. But my space is only 47 inches wide, and the PB and BD pieces are at least 60. BUMMER.

Thanks for joining me as I build my wish list!


Sarah T. said...

They have great rugs, too. This one reminds me of the boys' room:$detail$

Katherine @ Grass Stains said...

OOH, you're right. I like that one.

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