May 4, 2009

Going down the tubes

It's all happened kind of quickly, but Jake is getting tubes in his ears this morning.

Since he had RSV in December, he's had four ear infections ... and I actually think he never totally got rid of any of them. He's pulled at his ears nearly constantly for five months, and he's been on four antibiotics for the four infections, none of which seemed to work very well.

Last Thursday we took him in because he was showing the classic signs of a new infection -- including a fever of 104 degrees -- and sure enough, bilateral infections were present. The pediatrician referred us to the ENT, and we were able to get an 8:30 appointment for Friday morning. Here's Jakey in the waiting room on Friday, pleased as punch to be sitting in a big-boy chair:

He roamed around the office like he owned the place. Several women stopped to coo at him.

He enjoyed playing with their bead toys and was constantly on the move.

Being sort of new to cruising, he also loved cruising around that table and chairs ... they were just the right height for him.

After about 10 minutes, we were called back to meet Dr. B. He looked at Jake's history and his current infection, and he said that babies who had RSV are often plagued by ear infections and require tubes to enjoy the regular quality of life that other kids have. Here's the superstar in the exam room:

I couldn't take pictures during the actual exam because I was so busy manhandling the head of a child who would put "Someone Looking in My Ears" as dead last on his list of Things I Tolerate At All.

As it turned out, Dr. B had a surgery opening this morning at 5:45! Woo hoo! ... except for the 5:45 a.m. part. We booked it, and Jake and I are on our way to the hospital a few minutes from now.

I'm relieved, because I know it's the best thing for Jake. I just hope he tolerates the anesthesia well and that everything goes as planned. It's routine, and everyone I know whose children have had tubes say they're the greatest things ever, so let's hope that's the case for Jakey, too.

I'll update after we're back home and settled.


melanie said...

Tubes are the greatest! My Jake had six sets of tubes from a baby to age 6. He had no trouble at all and felt and slept so much better. Hope all goes well with little Jakey. Saying a prayer.

RLR said...

Keeping you in my thoughts today and hoping that all goes smoothly!

Erin said...

I'll be thinking about you guys today.

Our story was similar to yours - we ended up at the pediatric ENT on Friday after completing a series of Rocephin shots. The Dr took one look in his ear and said, "See you Monday morning!"

Miller was groggy for a few hours after the procedure, but by that night was up and running. He hasn't stopped yet.

Feel better soon, Jake!

Katherine @ Grass Stains said...

Thanks, all! I'm about to work on the post-operative post. He did great.

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