May 26, 2009

It was a good one

Sunday was my birthday, and even though we didn't have anything special planned, it was a really nice day.

We'd hoped to go to the pool, but it drizzled and thundered periodically, and we decided it was way too much work to head down there only to be bumped out of the pool all afternoon because of the weather. Instead, we took a walk around the neighborhood during one of the drier periods (although it did thunder part of the time), then cleaned up and went to an early supper around 5:00.

Just before we left for supper ("WELCOME TO MOOOOOOOOE'S!!"), though, I opened my gifts from my parents and Grayson/the boys.

Grayson and the boys chose two books off of my Amazon wish list, which I'm looking forward to reading. They're a little different than my normal homicide/mystery fare, but I've read good reviews of them over the past year, and I am happy to have something new to enjoy.

Then I opened the gifts from my parents, which started off with two MORE books off of my Amazon wish list. (Yea!)

And THEN, I got to the box that held THIS:

And there was a sharp intake of breath ... I couldn't BELIEVE it! I've been wanting a Kindle for a while, but I never would have bought it for myself.

As I opened each layer of the multi-faceted packaging, I got more and more excited. The packaging, by the way, was like a little gift in itself. Coming from a public relations/marketing background, I pay attention to the way things are presented. And this was REALLY NICE PACKAGING, befitting the gift inside.

This glossy black number contained the instruction booklet and power cord. (The instruction booklet only holds the information to tell you how to charge it initially, because all of the registration, book ordering, etc., is done online. You just can't use the Kindle until it's charged, so that's the reason the booklet exists.)


This beautiful box cover with the imprinted glossy black letters holds THE KINDLE ITSELF.

And HERE'S THE KINDLE! It is so pretty.

It is so thin, and it's really only about the size of a real book ... somewhere between the height and width of a paperback and a hard-cover. But it's much thinner than either of those. So lightweight!

Comparing these two pictures, you can sort of see how it compares to the hard-cover book -- although not really, because I zoomed in closer on the Kindle, which makes it look bigger. What can I say? I was smitten.

Anyway, it was a really fun birthday in what's been kind of a lean year. SO. MUCH. FUN. to be treated to some surprises and to enjoy a full day with the people I love most.

I am blessed!


Chris D. Hilton said...

I had to give some thought in search for words to describe my feelings as I read your post today. Here is a list of what came to mind:

Envy, jealousy, greed, desire, resentment, spite, covet

I could go on, but you get the picture. Know why?

I guess that I could have been happy for the fact that you received the gift but no, it was the reaction of a two year old. I WANT ONE OF THOSE NOW!!!

Sarah T. said...

Did you know there are some supernerds out there who videotape themselves open new electronics and post them on YouTube? It's like a cult thing. So, this was pretty close to that.

Katherine @ Grass Stains said...

Chris, I downloaded my firts book last night, so I'll let you know what I think about The New Technology once I start reading it.

Katherine @ Grass Stains said...

SET, I'm glad to know that I'm still ONE STEP REMOVED from the nerds.

Chris D. Hilton said...

Kat, If you are pleased with it simply send me one in the mail as a show of your love for me. That way I will understand how much you really like it. Like Sally Fields at the Oscars, "You like me, you really like me." Who would desire a stupid little gold statue when they could have a Kindle? There will be no more doubt in my mind! If you don't love me that much, at least let everyone in the World know how very much I WANT ONE OF THESE. Maybe someone else might love me that much, who knows? It might be possible.

Chris D. Hilton said...

My appreciation for the value of blogs grows every day as my blackberry dings every time a blog reader purchases one of Jonah’s magnets. However, the ding on Saturday evening topped them all when my six grandchildren, with number five (two year old Jack) in charge opened my combination fathers day and birthday present from my wife, children, son’s and daughter-in-law and grandchildren. AN AMAZON-KINDLE Apparently they read my comments here and decided they needed to show me how very much they love me. I think they got the message. Aren’t I a sneaky devil?

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