May 27, 2009

Batman is very complex

Shortly before bed last Sunday night, the Big Boys were playing in the den and Grayson was idly watching one of the Batman movies in the kitchen.

They heard intriguing sounds, so they ran into the kitchen to see what all the excitement was about.

Nicholas: "Can we watch this for a minute?

Grayson: "Um, sure. I don't think there's anything too scary coming up in this part."

Friends, we've had talking children for some years now, so all I have to say is, he got himself into this. HE KNOWS BETTER. Here is what occurred over the following 90 seconds:

"Who are those people?"

"Who is she?"

"Are they in love?"

"Is she a good guy or a bad guy?"

"How does he KNOW she's a good guy?"

"Is anyone else standing there a good guy?"

"How does he get poisoned?"

"Did you say he makes it?"

"Is he the one who dresses up like Batman?"

"Why isn't he Batman right now?"

"Will this give me bad dreams?"

"HE'S having a bad dream?"

"Where's Batman?"

"Is this a tiny battle?"


"Daddy, can you put this in KidZone [on TiVo]?"

"Why not?"

"Daddy, NOW is he poisoned?"

"Why does Batman look like that?"



It seemed as though they hardly took a breath. I don't even see how they were able to watch the screen, with as many questions as they were asking. They almost completely obscured the dialogue ... come to think of it, if they'd been able to HEAR the dialogue over the sound of their questions, they might have had fewer questions.
They ask a lot of questions. Daily. By the minute. WE HAVE A LOUD HOUSE.


RLR said...

Oh, so know what you mean! And I only have 2 kids...

Sarah T. said...

Do they do that in the theater? Because that would be equally hysterical and annoying.

Katherine @ Grass Stains said...

They don't do it in the theater if it's a movie they can follow pretty easily, like a Pixar movie, or even Night at the Museum. But I'm sure they'd have lots of questions if it were more complex, like Spider-Man, Batman, Transformers, etc.

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