May 7, 2009

Appreciating our teachers, Day 4

Today is Day 4 of Teacher Appreciation Week at daycare. Today's assignment is "Relaxation Day," and we're supposed to take a candle, lotion or music.

They had lots of candles and lotions at the Dollar Store, but none that looked nice enough (in my opinion) or smelled light enough (I hate really strong scents). But I REALLY liked these:

It's body wash in pretty, summery colors of pink and green. The pink is "sweet pea blossom," and the green is "lemongrass grapefruit," and I uncapped them in the store to make sure they fit the bill. If it weren't for the recession and our current financial situation, I'd have sprung for a loofa, too, but maybe next year.


Paula71 said...

At least you did something for your child's teachers. I work at a daycare center and this has been the most ungrateful, uncaring, unkind group of rich muckity mucks I have ever had. I have 17 years experience in daycare and now, 2 recessions under my belt. This is the ritziest place I have worked.

I am sure your child's teachers are loving you right now.

Katherine @ Grass Stains said...

Paula, if I had any leftovers, I'd send them to you. Good daycare teachers are hard to find, and I couldn't possibly appreciate ours any more. They are angels, in my book!

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