Apr 11, 2009

Recent quiz results

I apologize if the formatting in this post is strange. I think it might be because I copied and pasted some text directly from FaceBook, but I've been messing with it for three days and can't get it to look any different than it does today.

Is anyone else addicted to those FaceBook Quizzes? Every time I see a quiz result pop up that says something like, "Jane just took the 'What Shoe Are You? quiz,' and she's a Ballet Flat!" ... I feel like I, too, must take it and find out what shoe I am.

Here are my most recent results:

1) Katherine completed the quiz "The Ultimate Grammar Quiz" with the result Grammar Master. You are at the top of the heap when it comes to grammar and spelling. Even the tiniest error in the newspaper disturbs you. You proofread billboards, don't you?.

I would have been mortified had I scored anything less than "A+." And yes, it DOES bother me that there's a period after the question mark at the end of the quiz result (but I think that FB added the period, not the quiz author).

2) Katherine completed the quiz "The Political Idealogy Quiz" with the result Moderately Conservative. You're close to the middle, but more conservative than not. Maybe not Reagan, but you're on the right side.

Since I have no allegiance to any party, this was somewhat illuminating for me ... because, you know, I take the results of FaceBook quizzes VERY seriously.

3) Katherine completed the quiz "What movie is your life?" with the result My Big Fat Greek Wedding. Sometimes you feel like your life is a little chaotic, maybe even a little "Everybody Loves Raymond"-ish. That quiet time at the end of the day is the moment you look most forward to. Sometimes just taking a nap, turning off the phones and having some one-on-one time isn't so bad, now is it?

Um, THAT one was right on. Except that we're not Greek. Or getting married.

4) Katherine completed the quiz "Which Office Character Are You?" with the result Pam. You are shy and quiet, but have a huge heart. There is a secret confidence in you, but it takes a lot to make it come out. You are very artsy and unique, and some have a hard time understanding you. You rely on your friends to help you get through stuff, and you are always willing to make a copy for them to return the favor.

Another good one, pretty close to the truth. Although, am I hard to understand? I think I'm pretty transparent, but I suppose I confuse some people.

5) Katherine took the What is your true age? quiz and the result is 21-30. You are in your prime. Young enough to act stupid, but old enough to have a mature conversation with your peers. You are able to look back on your life and accept that you have changed for the better. When you think about the future you wonder how your family will change. Get out there and live it up!

This cannot be right. I feel 90.

6) Katherine took the Where Should You Be Living? quiz and the result is San Francisco. You have a hippy side to you, and you should be living in San Francisco! You are a very open, accepting person who wants to be around other cultured but laid back people just like you. You also enjoy a temperate climate where it never gets too hot. Come to San Francisco!

The "hippy" part they got right ... but I think they meant "hippie."

7) Katherine
just got her Superhero Name. It's The Invincible Midget.

All I did was put in my first and last name. How did it know I'm actually a midget?

8) Katherine completed the quiz "Which Steel Magnolias Character Are You?" with the result M'Lynn Eatenton (Sally Field's character). You are M'Lynn. You are probably the "steeliest" of the magnolias. You face hardship head-on, sometimes refusing to allow yourself to experience the emotions you need to. Other people admire your strength and gravitate towards you because of the strength your character lends! You often make it your duty to be there for others, and find yourself "helping" them arrange their lives, as well. Some people may find you bossy or "mothering", but you know in your heart, you're just trying to help.You love deeply, and feel deeply. That's a wonderful thing, but be careful not to take life or yourself so seriously. Learn to laugh at your mistakes and hardships. Don't expect perfection from yourself. It's impossible! You are beautiful and lovely just the way you are...just don't forget to relax and let yourself laugh and have a little more joy and fun!!!

I do not like excessive punctuation marks, but I'm trying not to let that spoil this quiz result for me.

9) Katherine took the Which TV Mom are You? quiz and the result is Clair Huxtable. You are extremely professional and have a high-paying, prestigious career. You really are supermom and balance the upbringing of your children with your demanding career perfectly. You even find time to go out on dates with your husband!

I don't know about the high-paying part, but I love the comparison to Clair Huxtable. I'll take it!

10) Katherine took How many kids should you have? quiz and the result is TWO OR THREE. You have a big enough heart to let two or three children into your life. You would be a loving parent to your children as long as there were only a few of them running around. No need to get crazy and repopulate the entire planet on your own.

Huh. Maybe I ought to give up on Number 4, after all. Because again, I really trust these FB quiz results. They're better than a therapist.

11) Katherine took the What type of shoe defines you? quiz and the result is You are defined by Chuck Taylors. You are comfortable in your own skin and don't need to flaunt it. That quality is why your friends are drawn to you, for advice and an ear.
Have you SEEN Chuck Taylors? This is not a compliment. Most of my friends rated at least Ballet Flats, and one was even Christian Louboutin. Clearly I need to get out more.

12) Katherine took the What old movie actor are you? quiz and the result is Audrey Hepburn. You are kind and sweet. You love animals, people and children. No matter how you wear your hair, you always look amazing. You are sincere, and genuinely care about those you know. People can't help loving you because you never put on airs.

Well, I'm not sure about the hair.

WOW. That was more quizzes than I thought. But lots of fun to do them, especially at 1 a.m. when everything seems funny and/or excessively philosophical.


Sarah T. said...

I don't think of you as being "shy and quiet." I don't mean you're completely extroverted either, but I would never describe you as "shy and quiet."

Katherine @ Grass Stains said...

All the same, I'm glad it matched me to Pam rather than Meredith.

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