Apr 16, 2009



I literally can’t believe that you are 1 year old already! When people ask me how old you are, I find “9 months” or “10 months” on the tip of my tongue. I just can’t seem to wrap my head around the fact that you’re already such a big boy.

The past year has been such a whirlwind of activity, but I count my time off with you over the summer as some of the best time of my life. It was such a luxury to hang out with you every day while I was on maternity leave, watching Nathaniel and Nicholas fall in love with you a little more each day, watching you do the same with them. The love you three have for one another is overwhelming.

I can’t put words to your role in our family. Who knew when we learned that we were going to have you that we would be experiencing such a great blessing? ALL babies are a gift, but YOU have been so amazing. You have helped slow us down, make us appreciate The Little Things in the everyday. You have brought so many smiles and so much laughter to our home, and we are all ridiculously proud of even your smallest accomplishments. Nathaniel and Nicholas act like proud parents, themselves, whenever you reach a new milestone!

You have jumped right in to everything we do, everywhere we go. You’re entering your third soccer season with us, fourth if you count all the games you sat through while you were in my tummy. You were out there in your stroller last spring as we finished out Nathaniel’s season when you were only a couple of weeks old, then again in the fall when Nathaniel and Nick both played. You were content to sit in the stroller and watch the people and the activity, absorbing the endless squeezing and compliments from the other soccer moms out there. And this season, you’re right back in the thick of things, but NOW you really want to get out there and participate!

You are crawling like a madman … last week you escaped from the den while Daddy was making supper and crawled all the way up the stairs and into our bedroom before he or the boys noticed that you were missing. You are standing up and cruising around the furniture, and I have no doubt you’ll be walking in no time. All you want to do is keep up with the rest of the family, and you’ll do anything to make it happen!

You are the perfect addition to our family, a new light in our world, and we love you so, so much. Thank you for being YOU!



Sarah T. said...

I'll never forget laying down in your bed with you and Jake before I moved to Jackson and just falling apart because I didn't know when I'd see him again. He was a little over a month old then, and I knew he'd be so much bigger next time I saw him, and I wouldn't be there to experience his growth like I did with the other boys. One of the most heart-wrenching moments of my life.
He's amazing, and I can't wait to watch him grow up (and hopefully see him in person more than I did this year.) Happy birthday to Jakey.

Katherine @ Grass Stains said...
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Katherine @ Grass Stains said...

I know; I get tears in my eyes every time I think about the morning you left. It was definitely heart-wrenching!

Amy said...

Aww, he is adorable! Happy First Birthday, Jake!

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